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The surprising drugstore product that treats swollen, itchy mosquito bites

by , 03 August 2015

Summer is coming, and so are the hordes of mosquitoes!

Unfortunately, I'm allergic to mosquito bites. It's really unfortunate. Every time I get bitten, the bite swells up and becomes very inflamed, swollen and itchy. It's horrible!

So I was happy to find out that there's a common drugstore product I can use the next time I have one to treat it quickly and effectively. You'll be really surprised to find out what it is!

Vicks VapoRub is all you need to treat mosquito bites!

Vicks VapoRub is a great mosquito remedy, according to new research. It’ll soothe the itch and fade the bump in just two or three days.
No need for antihistamines!

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And there’s solid science behind this mosquito bite remedy!

According to NYC dermatologist Dr Neal Schultz, there’s some solid science behind this remedy. He says that three ingrdients in Vicks – camphor, menthol and thymol – are topical analgesics. 
These ingredients create a cooling sensation, which can stop inflammation and itching.
So the next time you get bitten, go and grab a tub of Vicks at your local drugstore – that’s all you’ll need to get rid of it.

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The surprising drugstore product that treats swollen, itchy mosquito bites
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