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The solution to at least 11 illnesses and ailments lies in the foods you eat

by , 11 November 2014

If you suffer from:

· Joint pain;
· Chronic tinnitus;
· Heart palpitations; or
· Asthma; etc.

…it's because your body's trying to tell you you're lacking something important.

That's right!

Your illness or ailment could be because you're not getting enough of one important mineral.

I'm talking about zinc.

Experts have found at least 11 chronic illnesses and ailments are associated to zinc deficiency.

What's more, the World Health Organisation suspects around 37% of people around the globe never meet their daily zinc requirement. And, because your requirements are even higher when you're older, your risk of suffering from zinc-related chronic illnesses soars.

There's a simple fix.

Whether you already suffer from one of these illnesses or ailments, or you're simply trying to protect yourself from them, here's why you should ensure you get enough zinc every day.

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Protect your health from these 11 chronic illnesses with one essential mineral

1.    Diabetes
2.    Heart palpitations
3.    Arthritis
4.    Prostate cancer
5.    Breast cancer
6.    Dementia
7.    Poor oral health
8.    Tinnitus
9.    Going blind
10. Acne
11. Asthma
Not only is it easy to get enough zinc through your diet when you know which foods you should eat, it’s also easy to take a good quality supplement should you not be able to fulfil your zinc needs with food.
Speak to your doctor about having your zinc levels checked to ensure you know how much you need. And in doing so, protect your health and even reverse current issues so you remain healthy for years to come.

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The solution to at least 11 illnesses and ailments lies in the foods you eat
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