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The secrets to preventing migraine attacks without drugs

by , 12 April 2018
The secrets to preventing migraine attacks without drugs
From time to time, most of us suffer from a splitting headache that interferes with doing our work or enjoying our day. In most cases, over-the-counter medications are a quick-fix for these headaches. But, sometimes, they can go beyond being merely a painful nuisance…

If you sometimes - or often - get chronic migraines that traditional drug treatments fail to treat, read on to learn about a few natural treatments that will help you to effectively prevent them. You're welcome!

Three natural ways to prevent chronic migraines

#1: Watch what you eat
Some foods and food additives are known to trigger a migraine attack. In many cases, the attack may occurs hours – sometimes even days – after consumption. One of the most common triggers is caffeine, found in coffee, chocolate and energy drinks. Other common triggers include alcohol, aspartame, sulphites, nitrates and products containing excitotoxin additives.



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#2: Start an exercise routine
Exercise offers a number of health benefits and has been shown to reduce the number of miaine attacks. This could be due to a number of reasons, such as the fact that exercise boosts brain-repair chemicals, reduces stress and reduces glutamate. Any exercise will do the trick – think walking, running, cycling or even yoga. Just make sure you stick to a routine to keep migraine attacks at bay.
#3: Take a magnesium supplement
Several studies have shown that migraine sufferers have low levels of magnesium compared to headache-free individuals. Some research has shown that intravenous high doses of the mineral stop acute migraine attacks in up to 80% of people tested. Oral magnesium can also help stave off migraine attacks, but keep in mind that it can take up to six months to fuly restore low brain-magnesium levels using oral supplementation.

What are your top tips for preventing migraine attacks? Share them with us!

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The secrets to preventing migraine attacks without drugs
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