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The relationship between depression and weak sex drive explained

by , 20 July 2017
The relationship between depression and weak sex drive explained
Most people don't realise they're depressed until the typical symptoms of depression start playing out in their life, such as feelings of anxiety, guilt and hopelessness, restless sleep or insomnia, excessive crying, social isolation, weight gain or weight loss, and weak sex drive.

Weak sex drive is one symptom of depression that adults may find the most challenging. A loss of interest in sex can trigger feelings of embarrassment and shame. It can even lead to thoughts like, “No one would want to be with me” or “There must be something wrong with me”. Truth be told, these feelings and thoughts only make the depression worse.

Here's what you need to know if you or your loved one is suffering from weak sex drive as a result of depression…

Depression and weak sex drive are two totally separate problems…

The first step is to acknowledge that there are two separate issues at play here, namely depression and weak sex drive. Because depression is the culprit behind weak sex drive, it goes without saying that by solving the issue of depression, the issue of weak sex drive will begin to take care of itself.
However, the thing is this is easier said than done – depression doesn’t just go away because you want it to. Depression arises when something is too difficult for your mind to handle, so it ends up numbing itself. It numbs both the feelings you want to avoid and the feelings you want to feel, like sexual desire.

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Serotonin and sexual desire – it’s really that simple!

Your brain plays a very important role in creating sexual desire. Feel-good chemicals that your brain releases, such as serotonin, are critical to your sex drive and the functioning of your sex organs. When depression is present, it disrupts these chemicals in your brain and can lead to weak sex drive.

Addressing depression will reverse weak sex drive

There’s only one way to reverse weak sex drive as a result of depression and that’s to address the depression itself. To do this, you need to get to the root cause of it: Your mind.
Addressing depression is something you should discuss with a qualified healthcare professional. In the meantime, you can try techniques like exercise and meditation to help with sex weak sex drive issue.

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The relationship between depression and weak sex drive explained
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