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The peppery secret to preventing Parkinson's disease with nicotine - without smoking a cigarette

by , 10 May 2013

Nicotine patches have long been prescribed for people suffering from Parkinson's disease. Now, there's an even easier way to get your nicotine dose - simply eat more of the vegetables that contain nicotine! Go for peppers, tomatoes and aubergines…

Tired of your dad telling the same joke over and over again?
Even worse – a joke you just told him?
You may need to change your irritation to worry. 
Because Eurekalert explains that when someone retells a joke to the person who told it to him, it is an everyday example of source memory failure.
And source memory failure is actually a sign of more serious mental problems like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s, says FSP Health.
But, there’s a surprising way to lower your risk of Parkinson's disease.
See, new research has found that vegetables that naturally contain nicotine offer some protection against Parkinson's disease, says USNews.
Get a natural, protective dose of Parkinson’s protecting nicotine from peppers!
Peppers, aubergines and tomatoes form part of this plant family, but peppers seem to offer the best protection.
So while tobacco use was previously associated with a lower risk of developing Parkinson's disease, you can now get the same effect without all the harmful health effects of smoking!
Here’s why you should twist this news into a sign to start smoking tobacco products…
Surprisingly, the study found the Parkinson’s protection offered by peppers was better in people with little or no prior use of tobacco, which contains much more nicotine than the foods included in the study, adds USNews
There you have it. Go for peppers instead of cigarettes to get that Parkinson’s protecting dose of nicotine.
But don’t overdo it - you only need to eat peppers twice a week to reduce your risk of Parkinson's disease by a whopping third, says The DailyMail. 
So add more peppers to your family’s diet today and you’ll be protecting their mental health in the long run! 

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The peppery secret to preventing Parkinson's disease with nicotine - without smoking a cigarette
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