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The only 10 foods you need in your fridge and pantry for optimal gut health

by , 09 February 2017
The only 10 foods you need in your fridge and pantry for optimal gut health
There's no doubt about it - supporting intestinal health and restoring the integrity of the gut barrier will be one of the most important goals in 21st century medicine.

When it comes down to your gut health, there are two closely related variables that determine it -your gut barrier and intestinal microbiota (or gut flora).

Sometimes, supporting these two variables can be as simple as eating foods that support your gut and feed your friendly gut bacteria. Below are 10 foods that you should have in your kitchen for optimal gut health.

Ten gut-friendly foods you need in your fridge and pantry

#1: Sauerkraut
Fermented vegetables like sauerkraut are both prebiotic and probiotic in one and therefore give your gut bacteria the food it needs to thrive. You should aim to eat a few tablespoons of fermented veggies at every meal.
It’s very simple to make your own sauerkraut at home. Simply pop some cabbage, starter culture from a separate jar of sauerkraut and salt in a jar and seal it tightly. It’s as quick and easy as that!
#2: Coconut oil
Top quality saturated fat is an important part of any gut-friendly diet. Coconut oil is a fantastic example of such a fat – just make sure it’s the virgin, organic kind. Other gut-healthy fats to incorporate into your diet include ghee, tallow and duck fat.
#3: Berries
Fresh, seasonal berries are full of gut-loving nutrients. It’s important that you only ever opt for organic types though – if you don’t, the pesticides sprayed onto the berries can be disruptive to your microbiome and, in fact, the reason why so many people suffer from gut problems in the first place.

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#4: Asparagus
A top prebiotic, asparagus is a super-nutritious vegetable that will feed your friendly gut bacteria what they want to eat. Other excellent prebiotics you should be eating include onions, leeks, sunchokes and fresh garlic.
#5: Lemon
Fresh lemon juice squeezed into a cup of warm water makes for the ultimate detoxifying drink that will help to reset your gut. Stimulants such as caffeine, found in drinks like coffee and energy drinks, can wreak havoc on your gut. Drinking warm water with lemon – or even herbal tea – can help heal the gut damage that these drinks cause.
#6: Coconut yoghurt
The perfect dairy-free alternative to regular yoghurt, coconut yoghurt offers your gut a wonderful plethora of benefits. If you usually start your morning with a bowl of fresh fruit and yoghurt, you should definitely try one made with coconut or almond. You can make coconut yoghurt at home or buy it from most health food stores.
#7: Turmeric
Whether you use it fresh or in powder form, turmeric is one of the best spices you can eat for your gut. Enjoy it in homemade gut-healing bone broth, stir-fries or even smoothies.
#8: Ginger
Ginger calms your gut by soothing your sensitive gut lining. You can enjoy it in a number of sweet and savoury dishes – try it grated into soups, stir-fries and smoothies or pickled with sushi. You can even use fresh ginger in desserts – yummy!
#9: Cinnamon
Another gut-healthy spice, cinnamon is renowned for its ability to curb those pesky sugar cravings. How does this help your gut? Well, sugar is your gut’s worst enemy, after all! Once again, when shopping for spices, make sure to buy organic only.
#10: Seaweed
Last on the list but definitely not least is seaweed – a food of the future! Simply sensational for your gut, you can munch on it plain or pop it into a pot of bone broth.
How many of these gut-loving foods do you already have in your fridge and pantry?

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The only 10 foods you need in your fridge and pantry for optimal gut health
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