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The one vitamin you must take if you're going to spend time in the sun...

by , 26 February 2019
The one vitamin you must take if you're going to spend time in the sun...
Even though our ancestors have genetically prepared us to handle exposure to sunlight, intense or prolonged exposure does impose a certain amount of extra stress on your skin.

And, while lathering yourself with sun cream may seem like a good idea, there's another completely natural way to prevent sunburn.

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The one vitamin that helps prevent sunburn
For most creatures, spending time in the sun isn’t a problem because their bodies produce extra vitamin C naturally in response to any stress. So when they remain in the sun for long periods of time, the internal production of vitamin C is stepped up and it is then “rushed” to the skin to help prevent damage and repair any that may have already occurred.

But humans are among the “select” few species to have a unique genetic defect that prevents our bodies from making vitamin C – so we must make sure we get adequate amounts from supplements and food sources like fruits and vegetables.

If you know you’re going to stress your skin with sunshine, make sure to take at least an extra gram of vitamin C twice daily – and more if you’re on the beach in a tropical environment. 

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Additional natural protection against sunburn

Other antioxidant nutrients have great potential for lowering your risk of skin cancer.

Among these are vitamin E, curcumin, lycopene and beta-carotene.

You can also look for a well-rounded antioxidant formula at your local health shop to lower your risk of skin cancer instead of taking these all separately.

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The one vitamin you must take if you're going to spend time in the sun...
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