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The little pink pill that failed!

by , 24 September 2019
The little pink pill that failed!
You're no doubt familiar with the little blue pill pharmaceutical companies manufacture to help men maintain an erection...

It's been a cash cow for years for the industry.

And, wanting to build on this 'winning' idea, a pharmaceutical company manufactured a little 'pink' pill recently for women.

It promised to boost women's desire and 'turn a desert into a great big happy oasis'.

But it failed...

How the little pink pill works

With the blue pill for men, the drug works on a physical level to form and maintain an erection. 

The pink pill is supposed to work on brain chemicals to make you seek desire... But turns out, women aren't buying it!

It's apparently not as effective as it was hoped to be - and it's very expensive. Only about 1000 prescriptions were filled in the first couple of months after its launch. 

Its side effects include drowsiness, nausea, headache and sleepiness - not exactly a turn-on, right?

And, when mixed with alcohol, the pink pill can lead to dangerously low blood pressure and fainting. 

Thankfully, you don't have to rely on the pink pill to jazz up your sex life. Keep reading to find out how...

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The natural nutrient that could rack up the excitement in the bedroom - without the nasty side effects...

You've heard of the strawberries, dark chocolate and oyesters - and while these make things a little more special, there's a natural nutrient that could take your sex life up a few notches.

The best thing is - it works for women AND men!

It's called Maca - and it's a root originally grown in Peru. 

It works on several levels which is why it's probably effective for both genders, including:

* Enhances desire
* Lifts mood
* Improves energy and stamina
* Reduces stress and anxiety
* Helps balance hormones
* Reduces effects of menopause
* And, it's packed with vitamins and minerals

You can add the powder to your smoothies in the morning - and take it together as a couple for an overall more pleasurable experience in the bedroom.

And, if you're a guy, you may be interested in Argi-Vive Plus, which contains Maca as well as nine other ingredients that boost nitrogen oxide for a really powerful and firm erection - whenever you want it!

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The little pink pill that failed!
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