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The four essential vitamins and nutrients every woman needs after age 40

by , 27 January 2017
The four essential vitamins and nutrients every woman needs after age 40
You know how it goes - you set your new year's resolutions and after a couple of weeks, the stress of keeping up with who you're trying to be has you chomping your teeth (and perhaps a takeaway burger, too) out of tension.

And sticking to these resolutions - never mind actually achieving your healthy goals - only gets more difficult as you get older, doesn't it?

Instead of trying to eat clean, get fit and make healthy lifestyle choices at once, find out what's most important and make those changes - like incorporating supplements that will do wonders for your health into your wellness routine!

Read on for four supplements that every woman needs after age 40. They'll will make a major difference to your health and get you one step closer to at least one of your goals!

Four supplement recommendations for women over 40
#1: Probiotics
Here’s an interesting fact – a healthy female body occupies nearly 2 kg of body weight in bacteria! What’s more, it houses approximately 750 different bacteria species. Bacteria are essential to many aspects of your health, including a happy digestive system, strong immune system, balanced gut and neutralised hormones. Taking a probiotic supplement won’t only improve these areas of your health – it’ll also prevent urinary tract infections, immune disorders and yeast infections.
#2: Calcium, K2 and D3
This is a magic combination that helps your body absorb calcium into your bones instead of your bloodstream. In case you didn’t know, calcium in your blood may cause harm to your arteries by hardening them. While you can get your fix of these nutrients from foods, it’s suggested to supplement anyway, especially if you’re vegan as vitamin K2 is only found in foods like dairy products, egg yolks, fermented foods (like whey curd) and organ meats.

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#3: Omega-3 fatty acids
You already know that omega-3 fatty acids, which are abundant in supplements like fish oil, benefit your skin, hair, nails, eyesight and arteries. But did you know that this nutrient is also one of the most essential for woman? Omega-3s are proven to help reduce risk of depression, inflammation, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, psoriasis, atherosclerosis and more – so make sure that you add a quality fish oil supplement to your supplementation plan.
#4: Co-Enzyme Q10
A super-powerful antioxidant that assists your body with converting food into fuel at a basic cellular level, co-enzyme Q10 also improves your immune system, muscle functioning and oral health (as in healthy gums and teeth). It’s safe to say that this nutrient helps you go for longer and feel full of vitality and energy more than any other!

PS: Go here for four tips to be a probiotic pro and optimise your gut microbiota!

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The four essential vitamins and nutrients every woman needs after age 40
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