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The first BIG step to thriving...

by , 28 May 2021
The first BIG step to thriving...
Hello, Reinhard here….

Last week we looked at the 9 main categories you need to address if you want to thrive.

I also suggested that you give yourself a score out of 10 for where you find yourself currently and where you would like to be…

You have my full commitment to help you get closer to the 10 mark - just keep reading my weekly emails.

But before you can start addressing these 9 areas, there is one BIG question you need to ask yourself...

Read on below to find out what it is...

Have you made the decision to thrive and taken responsibility for it?

This is almost like rebooting your operating system. It’s the first step towards upgrading your life. If you have not taken responsibility for your life and more specifically your health, then no amount of information, science, research, diets or other tools will give you sustainable, improved results.
In my coaching experience I have been dealing with people from all walks of life and I discovered you can view the world  from one of two perspectives:
1. The first perspective or view consists of people who take responsibility for themselves. We can call them the empowered.
2. Then there are those who don’t. We’ll call them the victims.
This perspective can change and is not a fixed state. I will show you how to do this in next week’s letter.

If we look a little closer the word responsibility is made up of two words: response and ability. This word not only describes your innate, exclusively human, ability to respond but also your choice as to how you respond.
Victor Frankl, wrote in ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
Remember that…

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In my opinion, this is a short description of victims:
They live in a stimulus-response world. Things, events and people (triggers) make them respond in a certain way. Something happens and they automatically respond mentally, emotionally, verbally or behaviorally.

There is a stimulus and response, with nothing happening in between. These people are referred to as victims, not because they have been dealt a bad hand in life or because they have been victim to more bad fortune or treatment than others, but because of their mindset.

They believe their condition, health, state, behaviour etc. is the way it is because of someone or something else. But never because of their own decisions or actions.
They use language like:
“You make me feel…”
“You make me do….”
“You make me say…”
Excuses and blaming is in the order of the day, never owning up to anything. With them there is always transference or deflecting of responsibility.
These people are defensive, reactive and generally un-resourceful.  
They are always at the mercy of their mood, state, emotions or whatever is happening around them. They are relegated to be a product of their environment. Their fate is determined. They are the captive or the slaves of today.
Most animals also live in this world.
Then on the other hand we have the empowered.
Here follows a short description:
These people live in a choice world. They live, act and respond as if they always have a choice about how to respond to things around them. They recognise that responses operate as a function of thinking that happens between the moment of stimulus and response. They reflect a consciousness that is exclusively human. They live a life of empowerment and are in charge of their own lives.

You will hear them use words like:
“I think…”
“I feel…”
”I choose to…”
They own their responsibility. They also own who, where and what they are. They own their outcomes and achieve a healthy life. They hold themselves responsible.
These people don’t have the need to defend themselves and are often very resourceful.
They intentionally choose and manage their emotions, mind states and actions. Their future is their choice. They are emancipated they are free.
They have matured to realise and make use of that “space” between stimulus and response. That space that Victor Frankl refers to as: where our “growth” and “freedom” lies.
That’s profound, don’t you think?
Paul Tillich said: “Man becomes truly human at the moment of decision.”

Keep reading...

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So, I ask you once more, have YOU made this decision?
Freedom comes with taking responsibility
By taking responsibility you choose to be free. Free from being a helpless victim, free form being a product of your past or of your circumstances, free from what others do or say to you and free from what has gone wrong up until now. 
You can intentionally choose to manage your states, emotions, actions and responses. Become aware of that “space” between stimulus and response and realise you have a choice in how you proceed. It is quite literally in this space that your growth and freedom resides.
New ways of thinking and behaving are all about creating new connections and re-enforcing those patterns. You have the ability to tap into this power.

Neuroplasticity (the process during which the brain undergoes constant rearranging and remodeling in response to experience) is something you can utilise for personal growth, health, longevity, joy and satisfaction.
This is how you take responsibility for you health. This is how you thrive.
Next time I will share with you some tips and ideas on how to start your journey to thrive, however the choice to take action is yours.

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The first BIG step to thriving...
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