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The easiest quick-fix for a weak sex drive you've ever heard

by , 07 September 2017
The easiest quick-fix for a weak sex drive you've ever heard
Feeling fresh and well-rested aren't the only benefits of scoring a decent amount of sleep. According to a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, logging more hours of rest can strengthen a weak sex drive - not to mention boost your chances of getting some and experiencing more satisfying sex the next day.

Researchers behind the study aren't entirely sure how sleep contributes to a stronger sex drive, but past research from the same team have suggested that women are more likely to be in the mood for sex if they're happy, jovial and anxiety-free - moods that are all associated with a good night's sleep.

Read on to for the full findings of this new study...

New study finds that every additional hour of sleep strengthens a weak sex drive by 14%...

The study looked at one group of women. It found that every additional hour of sleep increased their likelihood of lovemaking by 14%.
But that’s not all – it also found that sleep was crucial to genital arousal. In fact, women who got a decent amount of shut-eye had fewer problems with sexual excitement than those who skimped on sleep.

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On the other hand, one researcher warns that too much sleep can lead to health problems!

As earlier explained, the researchers aren’t clear on how sleeping longer benefits a weak sex drive. One theory is that chronic sleep deprivation – which can occur even if you sleep for just under the recommended seven hours per night – can lower levels of testosterone, a sex hormone, in both men and women, according to Robert D Oexman, director of the Sleep to Live Institute in Joplin.
So if every hour of sleep ups your sex drive, should you just stay in bed and sleep all day? Well, not quite. People who consistently sleep for more than nine or 10 hours a night face a number of health problems, says Michael A Grandner, an instructor of psychiatry and a member of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Programme at the University of Pennsylvania.
The bottom line? The best quick-fix for a weak sex drive is sufficient sleep – just make sure you don’t overdo it.

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The easiest quick-fix for a weak sex drive you've ever heard
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