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The anti-stress effects of ETAS - an innovative asparagus extract

by , 13 November 2017
The anti-stress effects of ETAS - an innovative asparagus extract
By now, you've probably heard of ETAS, an innovative asparagus extract that has beneficial effects on stress levels due to its capacity to induce cytoprotective heat-shock proteins.

ETAS helps reduce the effects of stress by controlling your levels of cortisol - the stress hormone. In addition, ETAS helps improve your mood, cognitive function and quality of sleep. Read on to learn more.

Stress contributes to various psychological disorders, including depression and insomnia…

It’s no secret that stress can take a serious toll on your psychological health. In the long run, it can contribute to psychological disorders such as depression, insomnia and fatigue.

Stress-induced release of cortisol can also lead to a number of physical problems, including damage to your neuronal cells, collagen synthesis, reduction of bone formation and immunosuppression.


“Take 2 for the deepest relaxation.” 
As I took my seat on the plane, nervous about the 14-hour flight to Tokyo ahead of me… I opened the bottle, took two and tried to relax.
I hardly had to try. My worries washed away, I sunk into a deep sleep, only waking a few times and then easily falling back into my slumber. And when I arrived I felt refreshed, peaceful, and focused.
What IS this!? This mysterious breakthrough is unlike anything I’ve seen in over 20 years of natural research.
Available for the first time in South Africa — it promises the best night’s sleep of your life — and the wild thing is… that’s only the beginning of what it can do!

The anti-stress effects of ETAS derive from its capacity to induce the suppression of a major stress-response protein

Asparagus, or Asparagus officinalis, is used in traditional medicine for a number of reasons, including its diuretic, hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic properties. Researchers from Japanese universities and the Hokkaido-based company Amino-Up Co recently discovered a new property of asparagus, ETAS, which is obtained from the stems by a specific extraction procedure.

In clinical trials, the researchers have found that ETAS displays remarkable benefits on stress relief, sleep management and brain function. The active molecule in the extract has been identified as Asfural, a sugar derivative.

ETAS helps alleviate the effects of stress by inducing the expression of a major stress-response protein, heat shock protein 70 (HSP70), actually called ‘stress proteins’. The expression of HSPs is induced by biological, physical and chemical stresses, but also psychological stress.

HSPs play a critical role in the negative feedback system that controls your cortisol levels – activation of the glucocorticoid receptors that requires both HSP70 and HSP90 – as well as contribute to protect your cells against the harmful effects of stress.

The ETAS benefits on stress-related markers and HSP expression have been proven in a growing body of research conducted on both humans and animals. Thus far far, it’s been well established that consuming ETAS leads to an increased expression of HSP70 and a control of two major stress markers – cortisol and chromogranin A.

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The anti-stress effects of ETAS - an innovative asparagus extract
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