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That better be your last drag if you don't want to lose your marbles!

by , 16 October 2014

If the risk of dying from lung cancer is at 40%, your risk of heart failure is at 10% and your risk of stroke is 60% to 80% and you haven't stopped smoking yet, maybe this will help you quit…

Your risk of developing Alzheimer's because you smoke is 157%.

That's a bigger risk alone than all three other risks I mentioned combined!

Scared yet?

You should be!

Here's what the evidence says…

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Study shows the devastating link between smoking and dementia

Researchers realised people still smoke despite the risks of lung cancer, hear failure and stroke, so maybe if they found a link between smoking and dementia, it would make more people quit.
So they came together from all around the world to find out what happens to your brain when you smoke.
Over 23 years, they collected data from 21,123 men and women of all races and divided them into smokers and non-smokers. They then correlated the information and found the devastating link.
The participants who smoked two packs a day in their 40s and 50s who showed the worst future prognosis for their health. They would be more than 100% likely to develop dementia just because of this habit.
At the moment, the World Health Organisation estimates that currently, of all the cases of Alzheimer’s, 14% are a direct result of smoking.
Here’s what happens to your brain in the presence of tobacco…
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There are three ways smoking damages your brain

#1. It increases homocysteine levels
As you know, high levels of homocysteine can leave you with a higher dementia risk.
And tobacco causes them to rise because of the vitamin B12 deficiency associated with smoking.
Your body metabolises vitamin B just like it does cyanide toxins. Now you might not know it, but tobacco products contain cyanide!
It’s true!
And your body fights hard to get rid of it, and because of this, your body gets rid of B12 too.
That’s why your homocysteine levels shoot up.
#2. It narrows your vessels
Smoking damages your blood vessels and makes them hard. When this happens in your brain, it means the right amounts of oxygen and nutrients can’t reach the tissue.
Your brain starves and it begins to shrink. This is when you lose your memory and personality.
#3. It causes inflammation
Because your body sees the inhaled smoke as a toxin, it fights to get rid of it. There’s a huge amount of inflammation running wild in your system and this results in oxidative stress.
Your brain cells become inflamed and your immune system starts attacking them. They literally die off and this causes dementia.
Are you prepared for what your future holds if you continue to smoke?
If you don’t want this to be your fate, there’s only one thing you can do…

Stop smoking or you WILL develop dementia

There are hundreds of ways to stop smoking that really work. The only thing that’s stopping you is the decision to quit.
So make that decision today and lower your risk of lung cancer, heart failure, stroke and, the most devastatingly, dementia, all at once. 

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That better be your last drag if you don't want to lose your marbles!
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