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Taking probiotics? Here's how to get the most out of them - for free!

by , 23 July 2019
Taking probiotics? Here's how to get the most out of them - for free!
There's a new approach to keeping healthy which is gaining momentum in the world of medicine. Even mainstream doctors agree it's the most effective way to prevent disease and even reverse some conditions, or at least reduce their impact.

From mental health, to digestive, heart and immune health, balancing your gut bacteria is possibly the most powerful treatment you could start.

So, it's no wonder doctors prescribe prebiotics and probiotics more often these days at the first signs of illness.

Find out below about a breakthrough study that shows how you can get the most out of your probiotics - without spending an extra cent!

The key to a good probiotic...

If your health could do with a bit of a boost (all aspects of health), opt for a probiotic that contains a high CFU (colony forming units). That means the product contains more strains of bacteria which are beneficial for you.

The reality, however, is you won't find a supplement or fermented food that contains nearly as many strains as there are in your gut (or should be). In a healthy state, there are more of them than the number of cells in your body!

But there is a way of achieving this vast biodiversity - and it won't cost you a single cent more...

Discover: Did you know you could REVERSE the damage already done to your joints? 
Researchers conducted a study on 37 breast cancer survivors. They found that those who had better cardiovascular health from exercising, also had greater gut biodiversity.

So the secret to multiplying the good bacteria in your gut is to do cardiovascular exercise. Researchers put it down to the increase in oxygen supply to the gut.

But if you're not feeling well, or you suffer from joint pain, you're probably excluding yourself right now. How can you exercise when you can barely walk, right?

Keep reading to find out which exercises you can do that will give your gut bacteria the boost it needs to get you healthier without too much pain...

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Imagine getting out of bed and going about your day without once thinking about your joints!

Sometime in the very near future – in as little as 90 days – you could forget all about your joints! That’s because you won’t be constantly reminded by the aches and pains that limit your ability to move.

You could feel like a brand-new person again!

Just imagine your life with none of that stiffness and tenderness?

It could all be possible starting with this amazing chemical your body makes – called Growth Hormone.

Your body has been making this substance all your life. It’s crucial while you’re growing, but as you get older, your body makes less of it.

And that’s a shame because scientists recently discovered that Growth Hormone is just as important later in life. That’s because it has the ability to help repair and rebuild your joints.

But there is a way to help your brain produce more of this healing hormone...

Full details here... 


Ideal exercises to get your heart rate up and keeping your pain levels low...

Aquatic exercises: These are especially effective if you do them in warm water because it helps increase circulation. They are low impact exercises which means less pain during and when you're done exercising. Try water aerobics or even just swim some laps.

Frequent walks: When you're out in Nature, you seem to forget you're actually exercising, it feels more like a fun outing. This helps take your mind off any pain. You can also reduce speed on a bad day and pick up speed on a good day - putting you in control.  

Cycling: Easy on the joints, this form of exercise is ideal for older people too. 

Dancing: There couldn't be a more fun way to get your body moving while forgetting about 'the effort'. 

So get moving to improve your gut health - and soon you'll be amazed at how beneficial your good bacteria are for your general health! 

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Taking probiotics? Here's how to get the most out of them - for free!
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