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Surprise! These foods can deflate your sexual desire…

by , 02 March 2018
Surprise! These foods can deflate your sexual desire…
Everyone's heard that chocolate and oysters can give lovers a libido boost. But did you know that some foods can have the exact opposite effect?

Surprisingly, even some relatively healthy foods can kill your sex drive by introducing compounds that interfere with the delicate balance between sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen.

If you're trying to pep up your sex life, make sure you avoid the following foods!

Three sex-drive killing foods to avoid on a romantic night

#1: Dairy products
Dairy farmers often give their cows hormones to increase their milk production. Unfortunately, these hormones can end up in milk and other dairy products made from it – think yoghurt, cheese, butter and ice cream. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy any dairy products – just be sure to opt for products from cows with hormone-free diets. Organic dairy products are your best bet.


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#2: Artificially sweetened foods and drinks
Sugar is the white demon being blamed for contributing to just about every chronic disease known to man, but don’t think you can get around it by consuming artificially sweetened eats and drinks instead. One particular type of artificial sweetener known as aspartame has been shown to be particularly bad for your libido. That’s because it reduces levels of serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’, and contributes to depression, which is strongly associated with weak sex drive.
#3: Microwave popcorn
Few things can heat up the romance more than snuggling up to your sweetheart and watching a good romantic movie with a bowl of popcorn. Just steer clear of microwave popcorn and make it on the stovetop instead! Microwave cooking bags contain an endocrine-disrupting chemical called PFOA, which can leach into the popcorn and throw your hormones of balance. Talk about spoiling a romantic evening!
Which food on this list were you most surprised to learn can deflate your sexual desire?

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Surprise! These foods can deflate your sexual desire…
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