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Stop attacking yourself! Here's how to reverse autoimmune disease

by , 07 June 2016
Stop attacking yourself! Here's how to reverse autoimmune disease
For many people, living with an autoimmune disease is a lonely experience. This is because they wait years and years to find out that they're sick.

And then, once their doctor finally diagnoses them, they're presented with only a few treatment options.

Don't wait before it's too late - if you think you may be suffering from an autoimmune condition, take action now! Below are five super tips to help you start reversing autoimmune disease. Here's to a healthier, happier you!

Five ways to heal autoimmune disease

#1: Eliminate all gluten, grains and legumes from your diet
Gluten isn’t the only underlying cause of autoimmune conditions, so in addition to removing gluten foods from your diet, eliminate all grains and legumes, too. These foods contains proteins called lectins, which act as a natural pesticide for crops and can cause serious damage to your gut lining.
#2: Heal your gut
An unbelievable 80% of your immunity lies in your gut, so it makes sense to say that healing your gut is absolutely essential to healing yourself. To do this, avoid foods and medications that wreak havoc on your gut lining. By doing this, you’ll restore the balance of your body’s bacterial flora and reduce inflammation. Identifying problematic foods can be a challenge, so I recommend trying an elimination diet to determine your personal food sensitivities. 
#3: Test for mycotoxins and heavy metals
Is your diet high in salmon, tuna, swordfish or other mercury-containing fish? In that case, consider reducing the amount you eat. If you can avoid eating such fish altogether, that would be even better. Instead, enjoy fish that contains less mercury, such as trout, tilapia and flounder. In addition, I recommend a DMPS challenge test and to have all of your mercury amalgam fillings removed.
#4: Identify and treat infections
Did you know that a high number of bacterial and viral infections have been found to correlate with autoimmune disease? It’s true. I recommend visiting your doctor to test for some of these conditions. If your doctor picks any up, he or she will be able to help you treat them, too. 
#5: Manage your stress levels
Minimising your stress levels is essential to reducing inflammation, and in turn reversing your autoimmune decision. Take care of yourself by adopting stress-relieving strategies such as daily exercise or yoga. Even finding ten minutes in your day to just sit down with a cup of tea and relax can have tremendous stress-reducing benefits!

PS: Did you know about these five underlying causes of autoimmune disease?

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Stop attacking yourself! Here's how to reverse autoimmune disease
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