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Stop 2015 from being the year of living with chronic pain

by , 12 January 2015

After an amazing and relaxing December break, you're back at work and you're in pain again.

The freedom of being able to move around throughout the day while you were on holiday seemed to make your chronic pain disappear. But now it's back. With a vengeance.

While you're supposed to be enjoying the start of the New Year, you're writhing around in pain instead.

But don't worry, your destiny isn't to continue simply living with chronic pain for the rest of the year!

Here are three home remedies to ease your chronic pain, naturally…

Living with chronic pain isn’t an option. Sort it out with these natural remedies

#1. Resveratrol
Grapes and red wine contain this already well known ingredient. Its health benefits range from helping you to lose weight to fighting cancer and heart disease.
But more recently, researchers discovered its link to chronic pain prevention.
Korean researchers found that compounds that make up resveratrol act on the nervous system. They regulate enzymes that act on the nervous system, some of which elicit the pain response.
In another study, this time by International Anaesthesia Research Society, similar findings came about. When testing the effects on rats, researchers found that adding resveratrol as a supplement along with the strong pain management medication Morphine, the effects lasted a lot longer. And pain management was a lot more effective.
Resveratrol supplements are readily available in pharmacies. Just be sure to speak to your doctor before you start taking any other medications as they may interfere with current meds you’re taking.
#2. Curcumin
The active ingredient in the Indian cooking spice Turmeric is curcumin.
It already has a great reputation for its health benefits for fighting cancer. But now you can use it as a natural remedy if you’re living with chronic pain too!
In a study posted by the National Institutes of Health, patients with osteoporosis pain had lower pain levels while taking curcumin, Devil’s claw and bromelain supplements.
You can either add good quality curcumin powder to your meals or consider taking capsules as a natural remedy for your chronic pain.
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#3. Meditation
One of the easiest home remedies for chronic pain is meditation.
Taking your mind off the pain and allowing yourself to deeply relax is a great form of pain management.
Simply sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Take steady, deep breaths and think about relaxing and nothing else.
You can do this while you’re at work too. Take a couple of minutes to close your eyes at your desk and breathe deeply.
As you can see, you don’t have to rely on medication as your primary source of chronic pain prevention!
Use these three natural home remedies so you don’t have to go on living with chronic pain without any form of relief.
PS) You could also try this natural pain relief technique!
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Stop 2015 from being the year of living with chronic pain
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