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Steps you can take to minimise hair loss during chemotherapy

by , 07 August 2017
Steps you can take to minimise hair loss during chemotherapy
Once you've committed to treating your cancer with chemotherapy, there's a good chance you'll experience hair loss. Depending on the type and dosage of chemotherapy you receive, you may experience anything from hair thinning to total baldness.

While the hair loss is usually temporary, it's one of the side effects of chemotherapy that people fear most. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimise hair loss during chemotherapy. Read on for our top tips.

How to deal with hair loss during chemotherapy

Try hair loss therapies
There are a number of science-backed hair loss therapies that help minimise hair loss and speed up regrowth. The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to these therapies is that they don’t work the same on everyone. Furthermore, if a hair restoration product makes a big promise that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
You and your doctor may disagree about whether or not you should try one of these products. “Doctors tend to put little faith in hair-saving measures with questionable outcomes, but that doesn’t mean there are not options out there that patients can try,” advises Mario Lacouture, director of the Robert H Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Dermatologic Care Center at Northwestern University in Chicago in the United States.


Introducing Hair G-Serum!
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Thanks to the technological advancements in stem cell research, scientists have found that hair follicle cells respond well to plant stem cell reparation.

This advanced formula helps reduce hair loss due to genetic causes, including male-pattern baldness, ageingstress, chemical damage, health problems and the effects from various medications.

It uses active plant cells from 100% organic, nutrient-rich plants that target the hair cells below the surface of your scalp, which are easily absorbed, allowing for the process of hair follicles to renew and start re-growing, leaving you with fuller and thicker hair in just four to six weeks.

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Apply Rogaine to your scalp
Applying Rogaine to your scalp isn’t a surefire way to prevent hair loss, but studies have proven that it can speed hair regrowth in cancer patients who’ve lost their hair and that it may even delay the loss.  
One study conducted in 1996 found that while Rogaine didn’t prevent hair loss in breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, it took longer for their hair to fall out and their hair eventually grew back faster.
It’s important to note that Rogaine can cause scalp itchiness or irritation and therefore isn’t suitable for people with sensitive skin. Rogaine can also cause rapid heart rate and low blood pressure, so heart disease patients should consult their doctor before using it.
We hope you found these tips for dealing with hair loss during chemotherapy to be helpful!

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Steps you can take to minimise hair loss during chemotherapy
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