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Start a relaxing journey to weight loss by stimulating your lymphatic system...

by , 28 September 2021
Start a relaxing journey to weight loss by stimulating your lymphatic system...
When you struggle with weight loss, and have done so for a great part of your life, you know that shedding a few kilos is not just about calories in - calories out...

We're complex individuals and just trying to starve yourself just doesn't cut it when it comes to losing weight for the longterm.

There are natural nutrients that help your body get into the right gear for weight loss and yes, you do require discipline to say 'no' to sugar and refined foods, and to get your body moving...

But there are a few things you can do at home, that are relaxing and that can stimulate lymphatic drainage.

How to stimulate your lymphatic system...

The lymphatic system forms part of the circulatory and immune systems. 

It's made up of a large network of lymphatic vessels, nodes, organs and tissues. It maintains the fuid levels in our bodies and drains them back into the blood stream so they can be filtered by the liver and kidneys. It fights infections and drains toxins from the body. 

And, as you know toxins play a big part in trapping fat in cells in our bodies. 

So, by stimulating the lymphatic system - you can help clear your body of toxins - gently - without the use of any harsh flushes - and restore balance in the body. 

Here's what you need to do to spring-clean your lymphatic system:

* Exercise boosts the circulation of blood and fluids in your body 
* Before you turn off the tap in the shower - let the water run cold so you get the hot-cold effect 
* Dry-brush your skin after a good, relaxing soak
* Drink lots of water during the day
* Remind yourself to breathe deeply - and meditate daily
* And follow a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and some fruit

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How gentle massage can help lymphatic drainage...

You can also stimulate the lymphatic system by gently massaging your skin in certain parts of the body that contain lymph nodes. 

These areas include:

* the neck
* under arms
* back of your knees
* the chest
* shoulders
* fingers
* legs
* toes

If you're undergoing treatment, check with your doctor before massaging, and don't massage any area that's swollen or infected areas.

Try focusing on this one system most of us barely know is there to help you feel healthier and lose weight. 

The great thing about this system is that gentle does it - making it a relaxing and enjoyable journey. 

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Start a relaxing journey to weight loss by stimulating your lymphatic system...
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