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Six ways honey keeps your skin glowing

by , 22 April 2015

There are few things an enviable as a dewy, glowing complexion.

But is it only for those with good genes, good doctors or good wallets? Or is there a natural secret to radiant skin?

The good news is that there is!

If you're looking for the key to beautiful skin (even if you've had skin problems in the past) and don't want to spend a fortune on the heftily priced “lotions and potions” on the market, look no further than honey.

Here's what it can do for you.

The six benefits honey has on your skin


#1: It’s a natural moisturiser 

Honey is a wonderful moisturising agent for your skin. It’ll keep it in silky smooth condition by retaining the moisture content of your skin cells. Applying a small amount of honey to a clean face with a cotton ball is the first step you can take to get your skin glowing.

#2: It fights pimples and acne

Pimples and acne are the worst enemies of a radiant complexion, particularly because they leave spots and blemishes after they’re gone. To help your skin with this, use honey on the problem areas to reduce the occurrence of these dreaded skin issues. Honey is an excellent antibacterial substance that acts efficiently on your pimples and acne. 
Honey also regulates the excess production of sebum of the skin and as a result prevents breakouts. Mix honey with a small amount of gram flour with five to six drops of rose water and apply to the skin. Use this quick and easy honey mask one a week for spotless, glowing skin!
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#3: It’s a natural skin purifier

Honey removes impurities from your skin. This sweet gift from the bees acts as a natural makeup remover and unclogs pores to remove excess oils from the face. Mix it with a hint of turmeric, cinnamon or any essential oil and apply to your face. These combinations are also highly nourishing!

#4: It helps fight skin pigmentation

Honey is well-known for its skin-lightening properties. Pigmented skin proves to be a hindrance when it comes to glowing skin, which is why using honey for a clearer, brighter complexion is a great idea if you suffer from pigmentation! Mix a small amount with eight-ten dropped of lemon juice and rinse your skin. These natural bleaching agents with lighten your complexion almost instantly.

#5: It fights fine lines and age spots

Of course, ageing is natural, but it steals the glow of your skin because you’re constantly losing moisture and other essential nutrients from the layers of your skin. Honey replenishes this moisture loss to reveal a younger, healthier looking skin. Rinse your face with a small amount of honey and 50ml of milk before bed. This will work really feel if you have ageing or mature skin and will effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and age spots.

#6: A natural drink for glowing skin

Even better, honey doesn’t just work externally; it works internally too! Include a little bit of honey into your diet for glowing skin. Warm water with a few drops of honey and half a freshly-squeezed lemon is a concoction that’s sure to make you glow with health! 
The best part is is that honey is natural and readily available. It doesn’t require elaborate preparation and time either.  Proof that it’s a great organic skin care product anyone can use.
So, if you desire a better skin, try honey! It’s a natural remedy that never fails to impress.

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Six ways honey keeps your skin glowing
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