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Sex - nature's most effective 'fountain of youth'

by , 12 December 2018
Sex - nature's most effective 'fountain of youth'
A study of 918 men aged 45 to 59, followed for 10 years, showed that the death rate from all natural causes, including cancer and heart disease, was highest among those men with the lowest frequency of orgasms.

Conversely, men who had the most orgasms (averaging 100 per year or about two per week) had a death rate 64% lower than that of men who had the fewest orgasms (less than one a month).

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Sex really is good for you...

Another study out of Scotland reveals that men who have sex at least three times a week look 12 years younger than their out-of-action counterparts.

During sex, the body’s production of hormones enhance the body and mind and increases endorphins, thus acting as a veritable
fountain of youth.

According to the San Francisco Institute for the study of Human Sexuality, men who have regular sex take fewer sick days.

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Sex is also great for pain relief!

A Southern Illinois School of Medicine study showed that for migraines, an orgasm can be more effective than aspirin.

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3 More benefits of having more sex...

• Aerobic benefits – a single sexual encounter can provide aerobic benefits similar to climbing two flights of stairs. In fact lovemaking can be a nice alternative to your early morning workout!

Pain relief – the myth isn’t just a myth. Sex may be an excellent aid for, not only headaches, but full-blown migraines as well. And the endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers) released during sex could even provide long-term relief for arthritis and back pain.

• Beat insomnia – orgasms help relax brain function and encourages sleep by providing a perfect balance of blood and lymph chemicals. The effects can last for several hours.

Use nature's 'fountain of youth' to keep young and healthy...

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Sex - nature's most effective 'fountain of youth'
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