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Revealed: Zinc is an important mineral that protects your prostate

by , 09 June 2016

As if the aches and pains associated with getting old weren't bad enough.

Now you have to deal with prostate problems too.

It's like one minute you're in complete control of your life. The next you're waking up to go to the toilet two, maybe three, or even four times a night!

But the worst thing is, you sometimes just stand there… and nothing happens.

All because your prostate gland is growing from the size of a walnut, and might become a grapefruit in the near future.

Now, a swollen prostate doesn't always mean cancer. But it robs you of your quality of life nonetheless.

And there's one thing that can shrink your prostate, keep it at a size you can manage and protect you from cancer at the same time: Zinc.

That's right. This common mineral is normally found at high levels in prostate cells. It's when your prostate starts growing that zinc isn't doing what it's supposed to.

Read on below and I'll show you why…

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Dear Health Bytes reader,


Almost all men suffer from an enlarged prostate as they get older. Is it linked to low zinc levels?

Recent studies show men with low zinc levels are more likely to suffer from an enlarged prostate and even prostate cancer.
It’s because prostate cells are filled with zinc-rich proteins, and too little zinc causes these protein to misbehave.
So, when in the right amounts, zinc protects the prostate cells from growing, and it has an anti-inflammatory effect too. It also protects the DNA of the prostate cells from mutating and becoming cancerous.
And it’s so easy to ensure you’re getting the zinc your prostate needs to stay healthy. 

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Here’s how to get more zinc in one easy and natural way…

You could go out and eat zinc-rich foods like oysters, veal liver, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate to get your daily dose of prostate-protecting zinc.
Or you could take this supplement, containing three other essential nutrients to protect your prostate completely naturally!
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To your good health,

By Craige Golding, 
Integrative Medical Specialist, Dr Golding's Natural Health Dossier

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Revealed: Zinc is an important mineral that protects your prostate
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