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Repair unhealthy hair instantly with this honey and coconut milk hair mask

by , 25 June 2015

Does your hair lack a smooth, silky texture and a healthy shine? Does it grow at a frustratingly slow pace?

If you answered yes and yes - your hair's probably dry and damaged.

Luckily, there are two natural remedies for this that are readily available: Honey and coconut milk.

Today, I'm sharing an amazing deep conditioning honey and coconut milk hair mask recipe that'll have your locks feeling and looking luxuriously healthy in no time!

But first, let me explain how honey and coconut milk can help repair your hair…

Honey attracts replenishes moisture in your hair

Honey is a natural humectant (moisturiser). It’s also full of antioxidants and nutrients to feed hair follicles that house the “live” part of hair, encouraging hydration and growth. 
That being said, it needs a medium to be spread around, otherwise you’ll just end up with a sticky mess. This is where the coconut milk comes into this hair mask recipe…
Coconut milk fortifies the fibres in your hair
Coconut milk helps fortify the fibres in your hair with proteins, iron and oils. In addition, honey, it’s very moisturising and won’t strip your hair of its natural oils like some products and natural remedies do.
Now let me get to the hair mask recipe…

The deep conditioning honey and coconut milk hair mask recipe

All you’ll need to whip up this hair mask is a can of organic coconut milk (or, if you can get it fresh, even better!), raw honey and hair oil (alternatively you can use olive oil or castor oil – both are great for your hair). 
You’ll also need a shower cap, a hair dryer and your everyday shampoo.
Once you’ve rounded up the ingredients, you can get started. Here’s what to do:

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  1. Mix four tablespoons of coconut milk with four tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of hair oil.
  2. Heat the mixture in the microwave for two minutes, let it cool for one minute and then apply it to your hair (be warned – this process can get messy).
  3. Put a shower cap over your hair and wait one hour. Then, use a hair dryer on your hair with the shower cap on for two minutes.
  4. Remove the shower cap, rinse the mixture out of your hair with warm water and then wash it with shampoo. Iwouldn’t recommend using conditioner on your hair after shampooing, as your hair should be left feeling conditioned from the hair mask alone.
Use this deep conditioning hair mask on your hair once a week. In just one month, you’ll see dramatic improvement in the texture, thickness and length of your hair.

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Repair unhealthy hair instantly with this honey and coconut milk hair mask
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