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Relieve gastrointestinal bloating with these five hot drinks

by , 03 November 2017
Relieve gastrointestinal bloating with these five hot drinks
Many men and women experience gastrointestinal bloating after overeating or consuming foods that are high in salt. Bloating isn't only uncomfortable, but also unflattering and confidence-eroding…

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to tame gastrointestinal bloating. In addition to eating a healthy diet and exercise, the following five hot drinks can help your belly shrink back to its normal size.

Sip these five hot drinks to soothe gastrointestinal bloating

#1: Warm pineapple juice
Warm pineapple juice offers a number of benefits for a bloated belly. Pineapple is abundant in an enzyme called bromelain, which aids digestion and helps prevent gastrointestinal bloating, especially after a heavy or protein-rich meal.
#2: Peppermint tea
Peppermint tea isn’t only refreshing, but also chockfull of compounds that help tackle gastrointestinal bloating. Its menthol content helps ease all sorts of digestive distress. Whether you drink peppermint tea by itself or add peppermint to a blended tea mix, it will help soothe your stomach.

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#3: Chamomile tea
People have been drinking chamomile tea to alleviate gastrointestinal bloating since ancient times. And for good reason – this relaxing herb is one of the best relievers of painful bloating, acid reflux and discomfort caused by overeating. You can purchase pre-packaged chamomile teabags or brew your own chamomile tea at home.
#4: Cinnamon tea
Cinnamon is another ingredient that people have been using for digestive problems for centuries. This healing spice reduces pressure on the abdomen by encouraging the passage of gas, providing relief from a bloated gut. You can make cinnamon tea from cinnamon powder or a stick of cinnamon. It’s best enjoyed mixed with a drizzle of honey.
#5: Plain hot water
Water is a very important part of your body’s need, but it’s often neglected. Drinking hot water throughout the day will ensure you don’t become bloated as water as it fights to retain water. A hot mug of water or one of the other hot drinks above in the morning as well as before and after meals can help.
By including these hot drinks in your diet on a regular basis, you’ll begin to see a reduction in gastrointestinal bloating.

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Relieve gastrointestinal bloating with these five hot drinks
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