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Red wine isn't just good for your heart, it's great for your ears too!

by , 27 November 2014

As you know, it's not just a single aspect of your health that benefits when you have the occasional glass of red wine!

From cancer to heart disease, dementia and now… Hearing!

It's true!

The very same antioxidant found in the skins of red grapes that helps ward off chronic inflammation and illness protects your ears from noise-induced damage.

Here's information from a study that shows why…

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Study shows red wine can protect you from hearing loss

Researchers at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit discovered the positive effects resveratrol has on preventing hearing loss when they tested it on rats.
Lead author of the study, Dr Michael Seidman, says almost 50% of people over the age of 60 suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. So it’s a great find to have discovered something that’s so easy to include in a healthy lifestyle.
What’s scary though, is hearing loss isn’t only an old person’s disorder. In fact, doctors and experts are finding more and more people in their 40s who suffer the effects of noise-induced hearing loss.
Because of this, Dr Seidman says it’s clear that resveratrol is essential in our diets. It’s such a powerful compound! Even in small amounts it has huge benefits that combat inflammatory effects.
And it’s inflammation that causes hearing loss!
Constant noise exposure means the tissues and structures in your ears work too hard. As they continue to transmit messages to the hearing centers in your brain, they become weak and damaged.
This means both your ears and brain centers suffer damage. This makes repair slower and slower – especially when you get older! Now imagine what happens when you continue to expose yourself to noise then throughout your adult life.
That’s why, a glass of red wine with dinner every night can be great for your hearing!
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Just small glass of red wine can save you from hearing loss

Because resveratrol isn’t an essential nutrient, there aren’t any guidelines on how much you need every day.
But since there’s an average 1.7mg of resveratrol in every 150ml glass of red wine, one glass for women and two for men should be enough to help your body fight inflammation.
Don’t think that the more you have the better it is for you!
Drinking too much red wine can have the opposite effects, warn experts.
This because of the toxins in alcohol, and the resulting inflammation, can cause a situation where there’s an increased demand for the antioxidant but not enough supply!
Stick to the minimum amount you need every day to ensure you reap the benefits.
And remember, red berries and other fruit also contain resveratrol. So, if you think you need a higher dose, substitute these into your diet instead of relying on more wine!

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Red wine isn't just good for your heart, it's great for your ears too!
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