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Pumpkin seeds, soy foods and other enlarged prostate gland remedies

by , 24 August 2017
Pumpkin seeds, soy foods and other enlarged prostate gland remedies
All your life, you've slept like a rock. But now, there's an annoying trip to the toilet every night - sometimes once or twice a night.

For most men entering midlife, these nightly bathroom runs are the first sign of an enlarged prostate gland. Other symptoms may include frequent urination, urine leakage and urinary tract infection. And, like grey hair, an enlarged prostate gland is a natural by-product of getting older...

Trouble is, the nightly trips to the toilet become more frequent and can even edge their way into your daytime routine. Thankfully, there are a number of remedies that treat an enlarged prostate gland. Read on to learn about some of them...

Remedies that treat an enlarged prostate gland

Pumpkin seeds
These delicious, crunchy seeds contain phytosterols, which are protective compounds that help shrink the prostate. The crunchy snacks also contain chemicals that promote prostate health.
Beta-sitosterol is a mixture taken from different plants that contain substances called sitosterols. Research has found that beta-sitosterol can reduce urinary symptoms of benign prostate enlargement.
Soy foods
Soy-based foods provide a dose of phytoestrogens, which are said to help reduce testosterone production, which is believed to stimulate prostate cancer growth. Furthermore, phytoestrogens are said to limit the growth of blood capillaries that form around prostate tumours.


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Stinging nettle
In Europe, people have been using capsules that contain stinging nettle for more than a decade to reduce symptoms of prostate problems. Stinging nettle inhibits the binding of testosterone-related proteins on prostate cell membranes.
Rye grass pollen
There are three types of rye grass pollen, namely rye, timothy and corn. Taking capsules that contain any of thee extract can be helpful for preventing the need to run to the toilet during the night.
Garlic extract
Garlic extract treats a handful of health conditions, including an enlarged prostate. However, there are some downsides to this remedy, such as bad breath, heartburn, nausea and diarrhoea.
These enlarged prostate remedies are all natural, effective and side effect-free!

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Pumpkin seeds, soy foods and other enlarged prostate gland remedies
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