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Proven study reveals you can slow the progression of Alzheimer's…

by , 21 January 2014

Alzheimer's disease is a brutal thief. It robs you of your freedom, personality and memories… One day at a time… Until, you eventually don't even recognise your loved ones and your surroundings.

Now, a recent study reveals how you could slow down Alzheimer's disease in as little as eight weeks.

Just two hours of yoga or meditation per week could curb the destruction of Alzheimer’s… 

A group of researchers at the Harvard Medical centre ran a study that proved just two hours per week of yoga and meditation could slow down the brain damage caused by Alzheimer’s.
The scientists recruited a group of adults with mild cognitive impairments between the ages of 55 and 90. They asked some of them to practise yoga and meditation for at least two hours per week for eight weeks. 
The result was remarkable…
The group that practised the meditation and yoga had better activity in the area of the brain responsible for memory after just eight weeks. There was also far less damage in the hippocampus. (This is the major memory centre of your brain. Damage in this area is a tell-tale sign of Alzheimer’s disease.)
And, the best news is, all it took to keep the hippocampus intact was just a couple of hours per week of yoga and meditation!

A simple therapy with a lasting impact on your life…

What’s great about yoga and meditation is you can choose to take to a specialised class. There are many around and you’ll no doubt find one in your area at a recreation centre or gym. 
You can also buy a self-help book or DVD and run your own home-yoga and meditation sessions. Or, go to www.healthandfitnessclub.co.za and ask Marah Smith all your yoga questions – at no charge. Either way, you can start this simple side-effect-free therapy today. 
Give yoga and meditation a try. It could just be the beginning of your renewed hope… 
P.S. Keep an eye out for 17 Secrets to help prevent Alzheimer’s: How to beat it naturally before it takes hold... This brand new report reveals how you can help prevent Alzheimer’s and enjoy a ‘steel trap’ memory and crystal clear thinking well into your 90s. 

Sources: Can Meditation And Yoga Really Slow The Progression Of Dementia? (huffingtonpost.com)

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Proven study reveals you can slow the progression of Alzheimer's…
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