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Protect yourself from hearing loss by adding this one type of food to your diet

by , 14 October 2014

So many things that are part of your every day life put you at risk of horrific and chronic illnesses.

And it's not only your heart, lungs and other major organs you should worry about!

Think about your ears? Have you ever thought about what you'd do if you lost your ability to hear?

Surely your entire life would come crashing down!

And its simple things you do without thinking that leave your ears in a state of disrepair.
Listen to music too loud, drink alcohol and clean your ears too vigorously and it could have a huge impact on their health. Not only can it leave you with partial hearing loss, you could go completely deaf too!

Luckily, Mother Nature has the solution to all your hearing problems. She's provided the perfect food to add to your diet to keep your ears in top condition so you don't have to live your life unable to hear…

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Eat THIS to prevent hearing loss

Just two servings of fatty fish every week is a great way to prevent hearing loss, says Dr Jonathan Wright of the Tahoma Clinic in Washington.
A study posted in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says your risk of developing age-related hearing loss decreases by an incredible 42% when you add fatty fish to your diet twice weekly.
And it’s all because of the high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids fish contains.
These fatty acids are an essential part of your overall health. And while researchers say they need to do other studies to find the exact link between omega 3s and their ability to prevent hearing loss, it could be how they work in other parts of your body.
One of the most important functions of omega 3s is how they affect every cell membrane in your body. They make sure the membranes stay healthy, don’t become too rigid, allowing the correct nutrients in and your cells able to get rid of waste.
And that’s essential for your ear health! Because these cells are so sensitive and they do such a particular job, they need to function at their best at all times!
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Change your diet today because your risk of hearing loss increases steadily as you get older

More than 30% of people over the age of 45 have some form of hearing loss. That means, by the time you reach the prime of your life, you’re already struggling with a preventable ailment! Something that can affect you socially and physically.
Imagine suddenly being unable to hear what your friends are saying. Being the person who constantly has to ask everyone to repeat themselves…
It’ll cause a huge knock to your self-confidence and you may retract from society because of it. It could even be the reason you slump into a depression and this alone can affect many other aspects of your health!
Don’t do anything about it, and, by the time you hit 70, your risk of being unable to hear shoots up to 47%, says Mercola.com.
It’s quite a lonely existence when you suffer severe hearing loss…
But this doesn’t have to happen to you!
Add fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel or herring to your diet twice a week to make sure you’re getting your weekly dose of omega 3s to prevent age-related hearing loss.

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Protect yourself from hearing loss by adding this one type of food to your diet
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