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Prevent losing hair by filling your plate with these foods

by , 21 June 2017
Prevent losing hair by filling your plate with these foods
If you're seeing more strands in your brush than usual, it may be due to conditions like vitamin deficiencies, lack of sleep, stress, diabetes of autoimmune disorders.

On the bright side, research shows that it's possible to prevent losing hair and thicken your hair back up through dietary changes. Read on for a list of foods that will help you prevent losing hair...

Add these foods to your diet to prevent losing hair

One study found that women with hair loss have significantly lower iron and vitamin D2 levels. Spinach is abundant in both these nutrients as well as vitamin C, which aids in iron absorption. Enjoy spinach in a salad with hardboiled eggs and mushrooms, both of which are brimming with vitamin D.
Nuts and seeds
For a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, researchers gave subjects a nutritional supplement containing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants for six months. At the end of this period, 90% of subjects reported a reduction in hair loss, 86% reported an improvement in hair growth and 87% reported thicker hair. Snack on walnuts, flaxseed and oils like sunflower, sesame and grapeseed to achieve similar results.


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Your hair is a protein fibre just like your nails, which means you need to eat protein to keep existing strands strong and grow new ones. Your body also needs protein to produce keratin, an important structural component of hair. A great choice is salmon, which has been shown to improve hair health in women due to its high vitamin and omega-3 fatty acid content.
A growing body of research suggests that zinc is an essential mineral for treating and preventing hair loss. One study that compared the zinc levels of 50 people with hair loss due to alopecia areata with 50 healthy controls found that all of the hair loss patients had significantly lower zinc levels. Get your zinc fix by eating oysters, which contain more zinc per serving than any other food.
A study that looked at patients with seborrheic dermatitis, which includes hair loss, scaling and itching, found that those who applied a solution of 90% honey and 10% water to their scalp every day for four weeks reported a significant improvement in hair loss by the end of the study.
Coconut, pumpkin and rosemary oils all act as nectar to your scalp! In a study in which researchers gave men with hair loss 400 mg per day of pumpkin seed oil or a placebo for 24 weeks, they found that those who took the oil experienced a 40% increase in hair growth.
Make sure you fill your plate with the foods above to prevent losing hair!

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Prevent losing hair by filling your plate with these foods
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