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Practise these three yoga poses regularly to keep stress and anxiety at bay

by , 15 March 2017
Practise these three yoga poses regularly to keep stress and anxiety at bay
There's nothing worse than having a go-go-go kind of day, is there? In the moment it feels impossible to focus and relax and all you feel is the stress rising inside of you!

But here's the good news - yoga can really help prevent you from getting keyed-up even on the most chaotic days. Yoga helps relieve stress and anxiety by keeping you focused on your breath instead of all the worries racing through your head.

Taking deep breaths in and out stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system - one of three divisions of your autonomic nervous system that conserves energy as it slows your heart rate, increases your intestinal and gland activity and relaxes sphincter muscles in your gastrointestinal tract.

Below are three of the best yoga poses for busting stress. Give them a try - in this order - the next time you're feeling frazzled to calm your mind and body in an instant.

Three yoga poses that will help you relieve stress and anxiety

#1: The eagle pose
This standing yoga pose challenges your focus and balance while opening your shoulders.
To do this pose, stand in front of your yoga mat, bend your knee and wrap your right leg over your left leg. If you can manage it, cross your foot behind your calf. If you can’t, tap your toes to the floor. At the same time, wrap your upper right arm under your left arm, cross your forearms and press your palms together. During this pose, gaze at your fingertips while you tighten your abs for five to eight breaths. Repeat on the opposite side.
#2: The warrior 3
The warrior 3 yoga pose is a tough one to master. It requires intense balancing and activates a boatload of muscles in your lower body.

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From a standing position, tip forward and lift your left leg straight up behind you. Make sure you keep your hips and torso parallel to the floor and your left toes facing toes. It helps to imagine that you have a cup resting on your lower back. Reach your hands back and gaze at a spot 25 cm to 30 cm in front of you on the floor. Hold for five to eight breaths. Repeat with the opposite leg.
#3: Standing straddle forward bend
The standing straddle forward bend yoga pose is incredibly relaxing. It opens your hips and stretches your hamstrings.
Step into a wide straddle with your toes facing forward. Fold over, placing your hands on the floor – about a shoulder-width apart. Pull your elbows straight back as you draw your head closer to the floor. Let your neck completely release and engage your shoulder blades to keep the tops of your shoulders relaxed. Take 10 breaths.
Practising these three poses is guarantee to make you feel like you’re letting the world fall off your body and onto the floor!

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Practise these three yoga poses regularly to keep stress and anxiety at bay
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