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No one wants sagging skin! Here are the best nutrients to keep your skin taught and elastic

by , 06 February 2015

Bingo wings?

Sagging belly skin?

Flabby back fat hanging over your bra straps?

Lumpy wrinkles on your neck?

These are all the things you have to look forward to as you age.

And it's inevitable.

This because your skin loses its elasticity as you get older.

But it's also because of what you did in your younger years that makes the process worse. If you're overweight, or you smoked when you were younger or you even spent a lot of time in the sun. All of these factors contribute to what your skin will look and feel like when you get older.

We know you don't want sagging skin. But you might not know what to do about it.

The trick?

To get it under control as soon as possible so it doesn't get any worse the older you get.

Here are some of the best nutrients to include in your diet to maintain your skin elasticity no matter how old you are…

Sagging skin doesn’t have to be in your future! But you have to do this to prevent it…

As you age, your body changes a lot.
One of the main processes that takes place in your body is the release of oxidative molecules.
Now, this takes place when you’re young too. It’s what your cells release when they grow and repair themselves. But the cells that provide energy to your body sends out clean up molecules – antioxidants – that keep the oxidative ones under control.
What happens when you age is that the mitochondria don’t work as efficiently as they should. And they don’t have as many antioxidants available to clean the oxidative molecules up.
So as these oxidative molecules float around your body, they slowly destroy all your tissues.
And they rob your skin of its elasticity by breaking down the collagen fibres that keep it supported and strong.
When these collagen fibres go, the skin sags and wrinkles.
Now imagine you could keep this destruction at bay.
Don’t imagine! It’s possible.
Here are the most important nutrients your body needs to keep sagging skin at bay.
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These vitamins and minerals are essential when it comes to maintaining your skin elasticity

Vitamin C: There’s a natural way to force your body to keep making and repairing collagen. And that’s in vitamin C. Having enough vitamin C in your diet keeps collagen working hard to support the elastic structures in your body including your skin and joints.
Make sure you eat food full of vitamin C. The best ones are:
·         Bell peppers
·         Guavas
·         Green leafy vegetables
·         Kiwi fruit
·         Broccoli
·         Berries
·         Oranges
·         Tomatoes
·         Peas
·         Paw paws
Copper: Another essential part of your skin elasticity is the protein elastin. It works hand-in-hand with collagen to keep your skin smooth and taught.
If you don’t have enough copper in your body, elastin production is low. And collagen can’t work on its own.
So make sure you eat a healthy variety of copper-containing foods like:
·         Seafood
·         Kale
·         Mushrooms
·         Seeds
·         Nuts
·         Pulses
·         Avo
·         Goats cheese
·         Tempeh
·         Dried fruit
Vitamin A: Not only is vitamin A a powerful antioxidant, which helps fight the free radicals we spoke about earlier, it also plays a role in maintaining your skin’s elasticity.
It acts on the oil glands within your skin to make sure they produce just enough oil to keep your skin moist.
Think about when your skin is dry. It doesn’t feel supple and smooth at all, does it?
And that’s why you need the oil in your skin and vitamin A to make sure there’s a healthy amount.
Add foods containing vitamin A like:
·         Sweet potato
·         Carrots
·         Dark green leafy vegetables
·         Butternut
·         Lettuce
·         Apricots
·         Cantaloupe
·         Red peppers
·         Fatty fish
·         Mangos
Vitamin E: This is a vitamin you know is good for your skin! Almost every skin cream you buy contains vitamin E. And for good reason.Your diet has an effect on the signs of ageing
Just like vitamin A, it’s a powerful antioxidant and it therefore helps minimise the signs of ageing. It helps to neutralise free radicals in your skin that cause the damage that leads to wrinkles, lumps and bumps. It also plays a role in keeping the natural barrier of your skin intact to preserve the moisture levels within your skin.
Lotions contain it because it locks in the moisture and prevents dry, cracked skin.
You can add vitamin E-containing foods to your diet like:
·         Tofu
·         Spinach
·         Nuts
·         Sunflower seeds
·         Avos
·         Shellfish
·         Fatty fish
·         Plant oils
·         Pumpkin
·         Broccoli
Vitamin K: As you age, you might develop a condition called PXE (pseudoxanthoma elasticum). This condition leaves your skin excessively wrinkly and soft. So adding vitamin K-rich foods to your diet is essential to protect yourself from it.
Eat foods like:
·         Basil
·         Kale
·         Spring onions
·         Brussel sprouts
·         Chilli powder
·         Asparagus
·         Cucumber
·         Soy beans
·         Olive oil
·         Prunes
Vitamin B: Taking a vitamin B-complex can do wonders for your health. But it’s also an essential part of maintaining your skin elasticity.
This because B vitamins are responsible for generating new skin cells as well as keeping their water levels up and preventing dehydration.
You’ll get vitamin B from these foods:
·         Shellfish
·         Liver
·         Fish
·         Crab
·         Tofu
·         Bran
·         Beef
·         Skim milk
·         Swiss cheese
·         Chicken eggs
As you can see, eating a healthy diet can do wonders for your skin to keep it healthy, supple, elastic and looking fresh and young.
But there are three more things you can do to put the cherry on the cake of youthful looking skin.
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Three more lifestyle factors that can banish sagging skin

1.    Exercise: While exercise won’t directly affect your skin in terms of maintaining its elasticity, it helps keep good blood flow that carries the nutrients to your skin cells to stay healthy.
Also, the more muscle you have under your skin, the more your skin will pull over them and remain taught looking.
2.    Smoking: If you smoke, you need to quit. The chemicals in tobacco and smoke increase the number or free radicals in your system. And that’s definitely something you want to avoid!
3.    Stay out of the sun: UVA rays are responsible for early signs of ageing. So staying in the sun for long periods of time unprotected is a no-no if you want to keep your skin from sagging and looking old.
Always wear sun cream when you go into the sun as well as a light shirt covering your neck and arms and then slap a cap on to shield your face.
There you have it. Without paying for expensive surgeries, buying tubs of anti ageing creams and lying in the spa for hours on end, you can have tight, wrinkle-free skin. And it’s all about being natural and healthy.
Make sure you get enough of these nutrients to ensure you keep sagging skin out of your future and maintain your youthful appearance for as long as you can.
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No one wants sagging skin! Here are the best nutrients to keep your skin taught and elastic
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