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New study reveals exercise at night helps you sleep better

by , 18 April 2019
New study reveals exercise at night helps you sleep better
Previously, scientists and doctors recommended no exercise within two to four hours before bedtime. It was thought to disrupt your sleep pattern because of the adrenaline rush and rise in body temperature.

But new research by the US National Sleep Foundation has shown this is not true. They surveyed 1000 people between the ages of 23 and 60 and what they discovered was pretty remarkable.

Exercise before bed is good for you...

The first interesting discovery the researchers made when they collated all the responses was that people that don't exercise at all are more likely to take medication to help them sleep.

The next find was less of a discovery, their research confirmed that people who exercise, sleep better and feel more alert and positive the next day. 

But this next find is amazing. People who exercised within four hours of bedtime slept better than people who exercised more than four hours before bedtime - in terms of length of sleep and quality. 

However, the researchers cautioned to plan vigorous exercise for slightly earlier in the day - not within one hour of bedtime. In a previosu Japanese study, participants who did vigorous exercise one hour before bedtime too 14 minutes longer to fall asleep. 

This is great news for people who get an early start to their day and have previously put off exercise at night after work fearing they may sabotage their much-needed sleep

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What kind of exercise helps you sleep better?

While vigorous exercise is necessary to get your heart rate up, it's best kept for earlier in the day. 

The kind of exercise that will help you sleep better when done within four hours of bedtime includes yoga, tai-chi, going for a walk or stretching.

These low intensity exercises will have you sleeping like a log. And, if you do exercise at night, these tips could help you sleep even better:

* Take time at the end of your session to cool down - letting your breathing and heart rate gradually return to normal.

* If you feel hot, take a cool shower to help get your body temperature down.

* Make sure you re-hydrate - this will help you sleep better too.

* Try some relaxation techniques before going to bed to bring your adrenaline levels down.

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New study reveals exercise at night helps you sleep better
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