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Multiple sclerosis leaving you with chronic fatigue? Here's how to improve your quality of life

by , 04 March 2014

When you have multiple sclerosis (MS), your nerve problems often worsen as the day goes by. To save your energy and get through the day you need to preserve your energy and prevent fatigue affecting you! Try these five tips and discover how you can make it through the day and improve your quality of life despite your MS.

Multiple sclerosis robs you of your energy and your nerve problems leave you with chronic fatigue. Conserve your energy with these five tips
1. Become organised and plan ahead
If you reduce the number of times you need to move about, you’ll conserve your energy. For example, while working, plan your work the day before and make one trip to the cupboards in the morning to get all the supplies you need to get through the day. That way, you won’t waste your energy on going up and down to fetch things. 
2. Plan rest periods into your day
To keep your energy levels from falling, you need to rest. So plan short, frequent episodes of rest into your day. Even if it just involves sitting quietly for a few minutes to gather your thoughts!
3. Pace yourself
If you rush through activities, it’ll take you longer to get through in the end because you’ll tire yourself out. So rather take the time you need to get things done properly! This will also prevent you from getting into situations where you’re under prolonged amounts of strain.
4. Spare the strain on your body
Make sure you sit on a proper, supportive chair while you work. Sitting in the correct position can help conserve your energy and keep your body from fatigue
5. Identify and avoid environmental situations that impact fatigue
Heat and humidity usually impact your nerve problems. So stick to doing all your activities in a cool, well ventilated area. You should also avoid long hot baths or showers as this causes your body to suffer from fatigue. 
Don’t let chronic fatigue because of your nerve problems rob you of your quality of life. Simply use these five tips to identify ways you can limit your fatigue and continue to do all the activities you love. 

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Multiple sclerosis leaving you with chronic fatigue? Here's how to improve your quality of life
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