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Mixing these common meds with these foods can be deadly!

by , 06 April 2018
Mixing these common meds with these foods can be deadly!
You know that foods like kale and grapefruit are fantastic for your health. What you might not know is that if you're taking certain medications, these healthy foods can trigger harmful - potentially deadly - interactions! One of the most well-known examples is mixing statins with grapefruit.

Dr Pat Salber, the founder and editor-in-chief of The Doctor Weighs In website, explains: “Foods can interfere with medications in a number of ways. They can increase the absorption of the drug so you get higher blood levels than normal, or they may decrease the absorption so you don't end up with enough of the drug in the blood stream to be effective.”

Keep reading for three examples of medications that you shouldn't mix with certain foods…

Three medications you shouldn’t mix with certain foods

#1: Anti-depressants
If you’re on depression meds, you should avoid chocolate, red wine and hard cheese as they can cause a fatal interaction. Dr Salber explains that these foods can raise blood pressure because the meds block the enzyme that normally breaks down the ingredients in these foods that can be harmful to your body.


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#2: Hypertensive medicines
If you’re taking meds for high blood pressure, you should avoid consuming too much calcium. Too much calcium in your diet works against the process – that’s why many people take calcium channe blockers to lower their blood pressure. “Eating calcium-rich foods such as dairy products and dark leafy vegetables can also increase the risk of kidney stones when used in conjunction with antacids containing calcium carbonate,” explains Dr Salber.
#3: Blood thinners
If you’re taking blood thinners, you should avoid kale and fish oil supplements. Kale and other greens, including spinach, cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts, can reduce the anti-clotting effects of this medication, while fish oil supplements can thin your blood and pose a serious health risk.
If you’re on any of these commonly prescribed medications, make sure you don’t mix them with the foods that can trigger harmful or even deadly interactions.

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Mixing these common meds with these foods can be deadly!
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