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Men, improve libido AND look and feel 4 years younger with this "feminine" secret!

by , 13 September 2019
Men, improve libido AND look and feel 4 years younger with this
A new study shows that you can look and feel younger by as much as 4 years if you use this little "feminine" trick.

Imagine, naturally boosting your:
* libido
* ability to sleep better
* reducing balding spots
* looking slimmer
* and feeling more manly and active!

Find out how below...

Feeling slightly more "feminine" means feeling younger!

The study, published in Endocrine Today, involved 2,913 men aged 70 to 89 years. They provided early-morning blood samples for researchers to assess their testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and oestradiol levels.

These are all sex hormones and you may be surprised to know that men's bodies produce some female hormones, just as women's bodies produce some testosterone. 

The researchers found that the men with slightly higher than normal levels of oestradiol were biologically younger than their actual age by almost four years! 

Revealed: All-night passion, power and confidence comes easily when you have this secret...
This new study is an important clue in the intricate puzzle that links sex, sex hormones, cell ageing and longevity. 

But don't worry, you don't have to find an endless supply of women's sex hormones to feel younger, your body makes oestradiol from testosterone. 

The problem is, as you get older, your body makes less testosterone - and in turn, less oestradiol.

But there are ways to replenish some of the lost testosterone - naturally. Find out how below... 

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How to naturally boost your testosterone levels - and feel younger!

The first step is to switch to healthier daily behaviours:

* Increase physical activity - including weight bearing exercises
* Get quality sleep for 7-8 hours per night
* Manage stress levels
* Eat a healthy, balanced diet - based on whole foods as you find them in Nature
* Add ginger to your meals

The second step is to take some helpful supplements:

* Magnesium
* A powerful antioxidant, like ashwagandha
* Vitamin D3
* Zinc 
* Vitamins A, C and E

There you have it - the "feminine" secret to feeling younger and friskier! 

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Men, improve libido AND look and feel 4 years younger with this "feminine" secret!
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