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Men, here's how to help your woman get into the mood...

by , 01 July 2019
Men, here's how to help your woman get into the mood...
Perhaps you've been working on your sex drive, finding ways to boost it and adding a little more excitement to your love-life!

But we all know that sex isn't a one-man show, so we're giving you some tips to help get your woman into the mood - not just tonight but every night!

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Six sex tips that totally outdo female “Viagra”

#1: Take up the “om” together
To boost her desire and arousal, introduce her to yoga - or better still, take it up together. In a study, women who did 22 poses several times a week for three months, boosted their level of 'desire'.

#2: Eat sexy foods
We all know avocadoes are good for your body, but turns out they’re also beneficial for her libido. They’re packed with unsaturated fat that keep the blood flowing to all the right places.
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#3: Change up the scenery
The novelty of a new setting increases excitement, says Joel Block, a psychologist and relationship expert. So, sneak a quickie in the kitchen, or in the shower...

#4: Do something thrilling (outside of bed)
Thrill-seeking activities like going rock climbing or taking a day trip can stimulate dopamine in the brain, and get her body revved for sex.

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#5: Sync your breathing
Devotees of tantric sex – which is all about focused breathing – say that when partners breathe in tandem, it can improve sexual performance.

#6: Help her deal with stress
Work stress can have a downer effect on both hers and your libido. To avoid getting distracted by deadlines or an unreasonable boss, find ways to minimise stress levels before going to bed. Yoga can help here too, or put on the stereo and dance to your favourite romantic music, watch a comedy, or take up a hobby together like painting...

Try these tips to bring you closer together while getting her into the mood for more of those special evenings.

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Men, here's how to help your woman get into the mood...
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