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Men, ask your doctor for this early cancer detection test if your PSA levels are high...

by , 14 December 2018
Men, ask your doctor for this early cancer detection test if your PSA levels are high...
The anti-malignin antibody in serum (AMAS) test measures blood levels of AMA, an antibody that's been found to be elevated in most patients with active malignancies.

This test picks up cancer in its early stages, regardless of where the cancer site is in the body, or the cell type of the malignancy.

If your PSA levels are high, ask your doctor for an AMAS test kit, which can be ordered from Oncolab overseas to determine whether the reason for your elevated PSA levels could be cancer.

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The AMAS test is only useful for early cancer detection...

The AMAS cancer test measures the AMA antibody which elevates in the early stages of cancer.

It can detect cancer as early as 19 months before clinical detection.

However, as cancer progresses, the body stops making the AMA antibody, and for this reason, the AMAS test is not useful for well-developed malignancies.

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The AMAS test is useful for monitoring, as well as for follow up purposes for patients already diagnosed with cancer, or previously treated for the disease.

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The AMA anti-bodies have been shown to be elevated in 93%-100% of cases where a cancerous tumour has been clinically diagnosed. This makes the AMAS test really useful in the early detection of any cancer. 

Despite this, and the fact that it's been around for about 20 years, doctors still are not using it as often as they should as a supportive diagnostic tool, if at all.

Having said this, don't rush into surgery if the AMAS test comes back positive. It may be best to monitor the cancer growth and opt for surgery only if the tumour is aggressive.

Slow-developing prostate cancer may not pose enough of a risk to warrant surgery. Work with a doctor specialising in Integrative Medicine to monitor its progress and decide on the best treatment approach for you.

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Men, ask your doctor for this early cancer detection test if your PSA levels are high...
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