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Marijuana could help you fight Post Traumatic Stress Disorder...

by , 02 November 2019
Marijuana could help you fight Post Traumatic Stress Disorder...
PTSD can hold you back from recovering after a terrifyng experience. Flasbacks, nightmares, insomnia, anxiety and a general sense that all is not well.You can't cope with life in general and you can't adjust.

If find yourself in this situation, you medicinal marijuana may help.

Marijuana could help you replace your bad memories with good ones... 

THC, the active chemical in marijuana has been shown to help replace memories of traumatic events, that can haunt you for a long time after a bad experience. It has a positive effect on the part of the brain that controls fear and anxiety

One of the researchers explained that people who suffer from PTSD have lower levels of a type of "inner" cannabis the body makes. It helps you keep calm and regulates your emotions. But, possibly due to the heightened anxiety after trauma, your body makes less of it, which affects your ability to adjust and cope. 

Medical marijuana could be the solution for you to finally get over the hurdle you've been stuck behind since the bad experience. It helps you forget the trauma and eases the feelings of chronic anxiety.

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How to take Marijuana... 
The cannabinoid in marijuana that helps with PTSD is THC - the psychoactive part of the plant. While it may help you calm your anxiousness and help you erase your painful memories, it can have a psychotic effect.

Speak to your doctor about using medical marijuana so he can help you. 

The different ways to take marijuana include: 
  • Smoking it
  • Inhaling it through a device called a vaporizer that turns it into a mist
  • Eating it - for example, in a brownie 
  • Applying it to your skin in a lotion, spray, oil, or cream
  • Placing a few drops of a liquid under your tongue
Taking CBD along with THC could help counter the side-effects.

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Marijuana could help you fight Post Traumatic Stress Disorder...
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