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Losing your memory? You could be low on this male hormone...

by , 09 October 2013

If you're a woman and your doctor tells you, “you're low on testosterone”, you may reply: “Doctor, are you sure you've got the right patient?”

And you won't be the first… The problem isn't just that women can't believe they could be deficient in testosterone. It's that most women don't believe they need the “male” hormone at all. Here's why you do…

Testosterone helps improve memory-loss…

Testosterone might be the “male” hormone, but it’s absolutely essential in healthy ageing women too. Now, new research confirms testosterone supplements may help protect your brain, improve your memory and it could even help keep dementia away.

The study involved nearly 100 healthy post-menopausal women. They were given either a real hormone gel or a placebo gel. After six months of daily hormone treatments, the results proved testosterone can improve your memory in two key ways.
  • It can improve your verbal learning – this is the ability to remember what you hear.
  • And, it can give you a boost in your short-term memory.
This male hormone helps protect against cognitive decline

Testosterone may also protect against cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Interestingly, Alzheimer’s affects more women than men. And, women are also more likely to suffer faster and steeper declines when dementia strikes.

The good news is this new study shows that testosterone could help level the playing field for men and women.

Testosterone also essential for heart health…

Low levels of testosterone can increase your risk for heart attack.

And. if you’re past menopause, the odds are your levels are low.

That’s because, just like oestrogen, testosterone is created in the ovaries. And, the ovaries stop producing these hormones in helpful sufficient amounts after menopause.

Testosterone supplements can help restore that balance and give your body what it needs to keep functioning well after menopause.

Of course, women need much less testosterone than men, but that small amount can make a huge difference in your overall health and wellbeing.

Work closely with a doctor experienced in natural bio-identical hormone supplementation. I can recommend Dr Golding at the Integrative Medical Centre in Bryanston, Johannesburg. Contact him on 011 463 0036. If you’re not in Johannesburg, he may be able to refer you to a doctor in your area.

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Losing your memory? You could be low on this male hormone...
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