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Little tips to tame your prostate - beyond supplements...

by , 25 March 2019
Little tips to tame your prostate - beyond supplements...
Face it, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is one of the most difficult problems you could face - just when you thought you had life all worked out and under control.

It's embarassing and it can control YOU if you don't get your treatment plan just right. Eventually, you'll be chasing all different kinds of advice just to rid yourself of this pesky problem... You may even consider finasteride that could flatten your sex life, along with other side effects.

There is a lot of useful information about what to take to tame your prostate - natural nutrients that work just as well as finasteride and other prostate drugs - that don't come with the side effects.

But, today I'm going to tell you about a few other tips that could help reduce the stress and discomfort of BPH. Keep reading...

Tips to help you reduce the stress of BPH...

Even if you're brave enough to talk about your prostate problem - and most men aren't - not many people will offer you these little-known tips...

* Don't drink fluids for two hours before bed so you don't have to get up for a few hours after having fallen asleep.

* Stay hydrated during the day by drinking 2 liters of water. This is important to avoid urinary tract and kidney infections. 

* Get your blood sugar levels in check - diabetes is a risk factor for BPH.

* Exercise regularly. The best kind of exercise for the prostate is yoga! It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles which in turn, reduces BPH symptoms. 

Keep reading for more helpful tips...

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* If you're overweight, lose weight - your prostate problems could away on their own when you have your weight under control.

* Try to reduce stress to reduce the urge for urination.

* Use urinary pads or pants to absorb embarassing urine leaks and decrease discomfort.

* Use urinary sheaths. These are condom-shaped and fit over the penis to drain urine into a small bag which is strapped to the leg.

* After urinating, massage the scrotum area, by gently pressing your fingers upwards from the base of the scrotum. This helps to drain any urine left in the urethra and prevents leakages.

Use these tips to reduce the stress from BPH, in conjunction with a good prostate support supplement

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Little tips to tame your prostate - beyond supplements...
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