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Life isn't meant to be stressful - here's how to lower your cortisol levels instantly and live a happy, stress-free life

by , 17 January 2017
Life isn't meant to be stressful - here's how to lower your cortisol levels instantly and live a happy, stress-free life
If you're anything like me, stress is something you encounter every day of your life. Oh, you too? Well, don't worry - we aren't the only ones. In fact, stress plays a huge role in the lives of majority of people on this planet.

Somehow, we seem to get through each day even with crazy levels of chronic stress bearing down on our shoulders. But, at times, going from day to day with such high stress seems impossible. Can you relate to this situation?

Well, here's a newsflash: Life isn't meant to be stressful. In fact, it's meant to be happy and stress-free. After all, stress is a killer, as they say! So how can you take action to start lowering your cortisol levels right away? Here are five steps (that really work).

Five steps to a stress-free life

#1: Become aware of when you’re in a stressed state
When you’re seriously stressed out, it can be difficult to actually realise when you’re in a stress state. Try to catch yourself out every time stressful thoughts flood your mind during the day. Then ask yourself – what exactly is it that’s stressing you out, and just how stressed out about it are you? Only once you start addressing and becoming aware of your stressors, can you start making changes.
#2: Decide that you won’t face stress every day
As I’ve just said, life isn’t meant to be stressful. Therefore, you need to change up your view on stress and decide that you won’t let it rule your life on a daily basis. You must also decide that you’ll only allow yourself to stress in situations that really warrant such a reaction. To stay motivated, keep these health dangers linked to high cortisol levels in mind:


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#3: Take control in the midst of the stressful situation
When you find yourself chronically stressed, or, even worse, having a panic attack, you probably feel like feeling helpless is the only way to cope, right? But it’s possible to take control of any stressful situation – the trick is to believe that you can take control! Once you master this, you’ll take back your power and stop over-analysing every potentially stressful situation you encounter.
#4: Calm yourself down by counting to 10
Before you act out of emotion in a stressful situation, calm yourself down! One of the simplest yet most effective ways to do this is to count to 10. Sure to help you overcome anger and frustration, this quick and easy stress relief method will calm you down quickly and stop you from saying or doing something that you’d regret later on.
#5: Stop trying to please everyone
You can’t make everyone happy – no matter how hard you try. If you try extra hard, you’re guaranteed to end up feeling super-stressed, because trying to please everyone is like fighting a losing battle! Don’t be afraid to say no to people and situations. Those who matter will respect your honesty and understand that you’d rather refrain from overcommitting yourself than cancel plans at the last minute.
See how easy it is to stress less? Make sure you keep these super tips in mind for when you next find yourself in a stressful scenario! 

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Life isn't meant to be stressful - here's how to lower your cortisol levels instantly and live a happy, stress-free life
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