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Lack of shuteye is negatively affecting many aspects of your health!

by , 28 February 2018
Lack of shuteye is negatively affecting many aspects of your health!
A flurry of studies have shown how a chronic lack of sleep can wreak havoc on many aspects of your health, yet most of us still aren't getting enough shuteye every night.

In fact, over the past year, one of the biggest health problems the world has faced is a lack of sleep. If one of your goals this year is to become a healthier, happier you, your sleep schedule is a great place to start!

We're sharing three of our top tips to help you get more restful night's sleep in 2018…

Three expert tips to get more shuteye and improve your overall health

#1: Set a sleep schedule and stick to it
You might think that sleeping in on weekends is a good way to catch up on some z’s, but studies show that sticking to the same schedule every day is actually better for your health and wellbeing. Sleep expert Matthew Walker recommends setting a regular sleep schedule that involves waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day – even on the weekend or after an interrupted night’s sleep. It might take a few nights for your body to get used to the new pattern, but soon enough you’ll start feeling more rested and able to focus.

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#2: Make your bedroom a relaxing space
Next, it’s time to turn your bedroom into a sleeping oasis. This room should be reserved for rest only – that means no working, eating or watching television in bed. Keep the temperature cool (around 18°C) using a fan or air conditioner. It should also be dark and quiet, so you might want to try blackout curtains, eye masks and ear plugs.
#3: Wind down at least an hour before bedtime
To prepare your body for sleep, you must switch off all electronic devices – think mobile phones and tablets – and turn down the lights at least an hour before nodding off. You should also be mindful of your activities before bedtime. For example, you won’t fall asleep straight after watching an intense action movie as your brain will be too alert.
By following these sleep tips, you’ll also improve your emotional and physical health. Sweet dreams!

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Lack of shuteye is negatively affecting many aspects of your health!
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