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Kidney stones increases your risk of type II diabetes by 30%

by , 25 February 2014

A study of 94,000 Taiwanese adults revealed that you're 30% more likely to develop type II diabetes if you've had kidney stones. And you'll probably get diabetes within five years! Your only option is to lower your risk of developing kidney stones.

Both kidney stones and diabetes type II have two common risk factors between them. While you can’t change one of the risk factors – age related risks – you can change the second one: Obesity
Here’s how to prevent kidney stones and lower your risk of diabetes.
The D.A.S.H diet can help you lose weight and prevent kidney stones
The D.A.S.H diet is a simple diet for people wishing to lower their blood pressure. But now researchers reveal it’s also suitable for people wanting to lose weight and prevent kidney stones. 
There’s one important element to the D.A.S.H diet: Eat less salt. Salt causes you to gain weight and also is a cause of kidney stones
You’ll lose weight just by eating less salt. While it’s only a moderate amount of weight you’ll lose, the foods you cut out will have a much larger effect on your weight loss. Those processed foods high in salt are the ones causing you to put on weight in the first place. 
It’s simple. Eat more fresh, unprocessed foods, and you’ll drop the weight in no time, says Livestrong.com.
Do a moderate amount of exercise to prevent kidney stones and diabetes
You can also prevent kidney stones and diabetes by doing a moderate amount of exercise. All it takes is a commitment to doing 30 minutes a day! And it can be as easy as going for a 30 minute walk!
You don’t have to go through life with the risk of developing chronic diseases. All it takes is these simple changes in your lifestyle to keep your health in shape naturally!

P.S: Revealed: New study says kidney sufferers should STOP avoiding vitamin D
For years, doctors have told kidney stone sufferers not to take vitamin D. They believe high doses of vitamin D increases the concentration of calcium or oxalate in your urine and can lead to painful calcium stones. But if your fear of kidney stones is preventing you from using vitamin D supplements, a new study could ease your mind…
INTERESTED? Then keep reading and discover the natural secrets to preventing and treating your kidney stones. Starting today!

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Kidney stones increases your risk of type II diabetes by 30%
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