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It's good for your joints, eyes, brain, heart and more!

by , 19 March 2019
It's good for your joints, eyes, brain, heart and more!
It's probably in your spice rack right now, but if you're like me, you only use it occasionally when you bake.

Besides, its amazing aroma, and slightly sweet taste, it packs a host of health benefits, especially for:
• Arthritis
• Diabetes
• Heart disease
• Macular degeneration
• Alzheimer's disease
• And more...
After today, I'm sure going to be including it in more of my meals, and I think you will too. Keep reading to find out why...

The aromatic health hero in your kitchen right now...

Cinnamon has been used for more than just flavouring foods over the past centuries. Sages knew how precious it really is. It was used to preserve meat because of its antibacterial properties. It's also lined doctors' and patients' medicinal cabinets, especially for relieving coughs and indigestion.

But a big research study recently showed just how amazing this spice really is. It takes the number the one spot when it comes to anti-inflammatory foods - compared to 115 other contestants. 

And, it's a powerful antioxidant too!

When you combine its health benefits, science tells us that it can help soothe your arthritis, control your blood sugar, and prevent and help treat heart disease, macular degenerationa and Alzheimer's too...

The trick is to include it in your diet more often than the on the occasional pancake, or milktart though - and I'm going to show you how below...

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Keep reading...

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7 Ideas to include cinnamon in your diet more often
  • Sprinkle it over your cereal in the mornings
  • It adds a lovely aroma to curries
  • Definitely over your coffee cream (of course!) and your hot chocolate
  • Cinnamon baked fruit (without the sugar) - try apples, pineapples and even mango (yum!)
  • Honey and cinnamon sweet potatoes - baked
  • In your butternut mash
  • Even add it to your salad dressing!
Just a teaspoon of this delicious and aromatic spice goes a long way, so you can add it to a variety of dishes. 

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It's good for your joints, eyes, brain, heart and more!
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