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Is your son taking part in dangerous drinking games that could rob him of his sight?

by , 27 November 2014

In 2010, “Vodka Eyeballing” swept through the UK. And while hundreds of articles cropped up in the wake of this game of dares, all has since gone quiet.

So, does that mean young people have stopped daring each other to “drink” vodka through their eyeballs?

Not at all!! News agencies have simply found more trending topics to cover!

Vodka eyeballing is still a very real problem. So much so, the National Institutes of Health has issued an article warning doctors to look out for the symptoms so they know what they're dealing with.

Read on to find out what your son might be up to when he's out with his friends and how to recognise it if THIS is what you see…

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Vodka eyeballing is a dangerous “game”

Simply put, the person who accepts the dare of Vodka eyeballing literally pours a shot of Vodka into their open eye.
The reason?
Some say it provides a quicker alcohol buzz. But this is apparently a myth. Experts say, because the blood vessels in the eye are so small and well protected, it unlikely alcohol can rush into your blood like that. It’s more likely the participant is already intoxicated when they perform the shot!
Others say it’s simply the challenge of accepting a dare and proving to your pals how brave and macho you are.
Whatever it is, teens and students don’t know how dangerous this “game” can be. And it’s effect are far from the “innocent” burning eyeball and the high-5s you get from your friends afterwards.
In fact, going blind permanently is a very real possibility. Suffering constant eye problems and infections is another.
19-year-old Melissa Fontaine knows all about it.
After doing a Vodka eyeball shot, she started suffering from a chronic weepy eye with multiple infections and pain. At 22, she still suffers and has noticed her sight deteriorated too.
So how do you know if your kid’s doing the same thing when he’s out with his friends?
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Watch out for these signs that your son is taking part in Vodka eyeballing

·         If your son comes home with only one weepy or red eye;
·         He complains of blurred vision in one eye only;
·         He has constant inflammation and infections in one eye only;
·         His optometrist notices a deterioration in the vision in one eye only; and/or
·         His optometrist notices scarring in the cornea of one eye only.
If you suspect your son of taking part in this dangerous game, talk to him about it and explain the permanent effects it might have on his vision.
Making him realise he could go blind at such a young age might get him to think twice about taking part in these “playful” acts!

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