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Is your loved one displaying these warning signs? Here's how to tell is they have Alzheimer's

by , 19 February 2014

When it's not just ‘normal' age related memory loss and your loved one starts showing signs that something more may be wrong, you need to know whether they're actually displaying signs of Alzheimer's. Here are seven signs that'll help you determine whether you need to seek further care…

The Mayo Clinic says, Alzheimer’s disease has specific symptoms that indicate an individual is developing the disease.
That mean, the disease gives you early warning signs to show that it’s developing! This should help you determine when to seek treatment. 
Take note of these seven warning signs – they may indicate the development of Alzheimer’s
1. Asking the same question, repetitively.
2. Retelling the same story, word for word.
3. Forgetting how to do any activities that were second nature before. These could be things like cooking, playing card games, etc.
4. Forgetting how to pay bills or forgetting what the specific bills are for.
5. Losing special awareness like misplacing objects frequently and misplacing them in abnormal areas (like keys in the fridge). Also forgetting where they are or getting lost in usually familiar surroundings.
6. Wearing the same items of clothing again and again and protesting that they are clean.
7. Needing help answering questions where the answer should be familiar to them.
Seek help if you have a suspicion that your loved one has Alzheimer’s
It’s important not to simply brush off any of these signs! You need to take your loved one for further evaluation by a doctor. 
If you detect the warning signs early, there’s more chance that treatment can work and slow down the progress of the disease. Rather seek help and find that the memory loss is due to another less serious factor, like stress, than delay treatment. 

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Is your loved one displaying these warning signs? Here's how to tell is they have Alzheimer's
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