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Incorporate these stress-relief techniques into your daily routine so you don't end up with Alzheimer's disease!

by , 14 March 2013

You've probably heard that some stress is good for you. It acts as a motivating factor and makes sure you meet deadlines. But if you're constantly under stress, you open yourself up to a host of health problems… And you might even end up with Alzheimer's disease as a result! Here are four things you can do to lower your stress levels throughout the day.

If you feel chronic stress, best you do something about it.
Because chronic stress leads to increased risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, says Health Canal.
The answer may lie in the elevation of stress steroids that’s seen in the brain during stress, as they can inhibit the general brain activity. 
So the moment you feel stressed, you increase your risk of dementia!
That’s why it’s so important to take a step back and reassess the situation once stress creeps in.
It’s also a good idea to avoid unnecessary stress from the start.
Start your day by planning ahead and realising which events will be stressful
If you find you’re constantly feeling stressed, WebMD suggests using a stress journal to record stressful events, your response to them, and how you coped.
Once you know what’s causing your stress, try making some changes in your life that’ll help you avoid stressful situations.
Two ways to lower your stress levels when you’re stuck behind a desk
One of the easiest ways to relieve stress is to learn how to control your breathing, says FSP Health
 And you can do it from your desk – your colleagues won’t even notice!
It’s as easy as sitting or standing in a relaxed position, then slowly inhaling through your nose, while counting to five in your head.
When you let the air out from your mouth, count to eight in your head, says About Stress
If you still feel stressed and you can’t get up from your desk to go for a walk, visit a ‘stress-busting website’, says The Huffington Post.
There are a number to choose from – you can rake through a virtual Zen garden or even pop imaginary bubble wrap, if that’s what it takes for you to relieve tension!
If you’re still feeling stressed when you get home from work…
Lowering your stress could be as simple as eating curry loaded with turmeric.
Because even small amounts of dietary turmeric are clearly linked to lower rates of dementia, says PsychologyToday.
There you have it! Four stress relief techniques you can implement throughout the day to lower your stress - and your risk of dementia! 

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Incorporate these stress-relief techniques into your daily routine so you don't end up with Alzheimer's disease!
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