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Improve bile flow and dissolve existing gallstones with dandelion, milk thistle and lecithin

by , 30 September 2013

If you already have gallstones and suffer from ‘gall bladder attacks', your doctor will probably advise you to have your gall bladder removed. But surgery can involve risks. The most common complication being injury to your bile ducts, which can leak bile and cause a potentially painful and dangerous infection that may require further surgery. The good news is there are safe, natural alternatives to gall bladder surgery. Read on to discover how lecithin, dandelion and milk thistle can help improve bile flow and dissolve existing gallstones.

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Besides surgery, your doctor may advise you to manage gallstones by following a low-fat diet.

The author of Seasonal Diets from the East, Rachael Linkie explains that the once-popular theory behind this is that gall bladder attacks are due to the gall bladder contracting in response to fatty foods.

Linkie adds that “recent research has shown that symptoms are just as likely to occur after a low-fat meal as after a high-fat one. Very low-fat diets are detrimental as they don’t stimulate your gall bladder to contract vigorously, meaning that tiny gallstones are not flushed out and can grow bigger.”

But it’s not all bad news. Lecithin, dandelion and milk thistle are three effective remedies that have been shown to help improve bile flow and dissolve existing gallstones.

Lecithin, Dandelion and milk thistle: Three effective solutions to help improve bile flow and dissolve existing gallstones

According to Linkie, the most powerful herbal remedies for gall bladder problems are dandelion and milk thistle. “Dandelion contains chemicals that help decrease swelling (inflammation),” says MedlinePlus.

Dried and roasted dandelion root can be used as a healthy substitute for coffee, but to be sure of getting an effective dose of the active ingredients pick a ‘standardised extract’ and follow the directions given on the product’s label.

Milk thistle, otherwise known as silybum marianum is one of the most well researched and documented liver-protective herbs.

The standard dose of milk thistle is based on its main active ingredient, silymarin (bioflavonoid).

While most herbalists recommend a dose of between 75mg and 200mg of silymarin, taken three times a day, it’s best you consult with your doctor for an appropriate dose.

The phospholipid lecithin and its active ingredient phosphatidyl choline, is an ingredient of bile that helps to protect against gallstone formation.

“A supplement of around 1,200mg a day of lecithin helps prevent gallstones and may also be active in dissolving existing stones,” says Linkie.

Following these natural and effective measures to treat and prevent gallstones can protect you from suffering painful and debilitating gall bladder attacks. They also offer a safe way of avoiding the potential risks of surgery, such as infection, bleeding, blood clots or reaction to anaesthetics.


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Improve bile flow and dissolve existing gallstones with dandelion, milk thistle and lecithin
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