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If you suffer from gout follow the Meatless Mondays trend

by , 28 March 2014

Meat is one of the biggest culprits of gout because of the purines it contains. Read on to find out how going meatless on Mondays can help you control your gout…

The Healthy Monday campaign can help your decrease your risk of gout

Founded in 2003, Meatless Mondays is part of the Healthy Monday campaign conceptualised by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for a Liveable Future. Basically, this campaign encourages people to use their Monday’s to improve their health and eat a diet consisting of fruit, vegetables and whole grains for one day of the week.
And because it cuts out meat, it can help you cope with your symptoms of gout!
But why should you cut back on eating meat if you have gout?

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Meat contains high purine levels putting you at risk of gout
Because meat is full of protein, it has high purine levels. These purines change to form uric acid in your body and that’s what causes your gout.
When your uric acid levels build up, your body can’t excrete it fast enough. This is when uric acid crystals deposit into your joints and it results in the inflammation, pain and swelling you experience when you have gout.
So cutting back on meat one day a week can help your body to regulate your uric acid levels better.
This because your body won’t be fighting to reduce uric acid levels in your body. It then has time to process what’s already there. Essentially, you’re using Monday to reset your body, helping it to start the week fresh and clean!
So if you suffer from gout, it’s a great idea to follow a Meatless Mondays diet so you can lower your risk of painful gout flare-ups!

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If you suffer from gout follow the Meatless Mondays trend
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