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If you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, focus on your gut health!

by , 22 September 2014

Your whole life is on hold because of chronic fatigue. And you're probably willing to do anything to control it.

That's why you guzzle down the steroid hormones your doctor prescribes, even though you know they're bad for you!

They're basically putting your body in a constant stressed state just to keep you awake and your body fighting off the pain you have in your joints.

While it helps keep your symptoms under control, cortisol causes devastation to every aspect of your body in the long run!

It increases the inflammatory response of your immune system. And puts you at risk of disease including heart disease, dementia and many more.

But did you know you have the power to change you fate?

It's true!

You can even get off the cortisol and return to living a normal, healthy life again!

It all starts with healing your gut…

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Did you know: And unhappy gut is the cause of your chronic fatigue?

Have you heard of leaky gut syndrome?
It’s a condition where the lining of your gut becomes damaged by various factors including food and medications.
This means your gut can’t prevent toxins and large molecules from entering your blood, something that doesn’t happen when your gut is healthy.
Experts say chronic fatigue syndrome usually starts after you’ve had a serious infection. And because 80% of your immune system is in your gut, it becomes damaged because your immune system works so hard to overcome the infection, or you were on antibiotics, which kills off the good bacteria in your gut, leaving it vulnerable to toxins.
But no matter what the cause, it’s the destruction in your gut that causes chronic fatigue syndrome.
Researchers note high levels of IgA antibodies in the blood when your have chronic fatigue syndrome. It’s a good indication that your immune system is working and it’s because it’s trying to fight off the extra molecules and toxins in your blood.
And because there’s a strong link to your gut and chronic fatigue syndrome, researchers looked into how to treat it. Here’s what they found…
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Change your diet to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome

A study published by the National Institutes of Health says it is possible to treat chronic fatigue syndrome with your diet.
In 2008, 41 patients with chronic fatigue syndrome took part in the 14-month long study. Researchers determined the extent at which their immune system was responding and the level of antibodies in their blood.
Each of the participants then started taking supplements from a category of natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative substances (NAIOSs), which include glutamine, n-acetyl cysteine and zinc.
Within ten months, 24 participants showed a remarkable improvement in their symptoms and others went into complete remission.
With these results on hand, researchers say it’s possible to treat your chronic fatigue syndrome with a change in your diet, which includes these NAIOS compounds.
Here are the foods that you need to add to your diet to heal your gut and treat your chronic fatigue syndrome naturally.

Eat these foods to get rid of leaky gut and treat your chronic fatigue syndrome

1.    Foods high in glutamine: Fish, meat, pork, chicken, turkey, yoghurt, milk, cheese and eggs. Beans, raw spinach and cabbage also contain glutamine.
2.    Foods high in n-acetyl cysteine: Pork, fish, chicken, turkey, duck, ricotta and cottage cheese, milk, eggs. Broccoli, red pepper and onion also contain high levels of n-acetyl cysteine.
3.    Foods high in zinc: Cooked oysters, beef, spinach, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, cocoa powder, pork, chicken and beans.
There you have it! Stick to a healthy diet including these NAIOS-rich foods to beat chronic fatigue syndrome and heal your leaky gut from the inside out. 

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